They Might Become Giants

Alex Williams is a massive fan and ambassador for the GWS Giants – the new Western Sydney team in the AFL. His NRL loving mate Brandon is a sports fanatic, born in Western Sydney and knows nothing about the AFL.Taking his GWS ambassadorial duties far too seriously he has now bullied his actor mate Brandon McClelland to do a podcast about their journey to discover the best pubs and eateries in Western Sydney to watch away AFL games at.

Eps dropping every Thursday morning we see the AFL through a new lens as Brandon questions the culture and obscurities of the game. This isn’t a pod we just sit and chat the weekly match ups, it’s built around social activities and engaging with our friends and audience. Let the search for the best ‘Away Venues’ in Western Sydney begin!

We’d love for people to jump on board from the start and follow our journey in Western Sydney.