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2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final ticket eligibility

The AFL must adhere to an approved Ticket Scheme for the AFL Grand Final which defines who is able to access tickets.  View 2018 Grand Final Ticket Scheme.

To obtain a ticket to the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final, you must do so through one of the following legitimate channels:

  1. Purchase a Grand Final package
  2. Be a MCC Full Member
  3. Be an AFL Full Member (AFL Full Members can view further information on how to obtain a Grand Final ticket by visiting
  4. Be a club member (with Grand Final access) of one of the competing teams
  5. Obtain a ticket thorough an AFL or Club sponsor
  6. Win tickets via an approved promotion/competition

If you belong to one of the membership groups listed, then you will be contacted directly and provided with details on how to access 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final tickets toward the end of the 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

Note: access to Grand Final tickets via all membership groups is conditional and subject to availability.

2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final Tickets

1. AFL Grand Final Ticket Allocation

The capacity of the MCG will be approximately 100,000 on Grand Final Day.

In answer to guidelines (a), (b) and (c) the AFL proposes that tickets to the 2018 AFL Grand Final be allocated in approximately the following manner:

1.Competing Club Members  16,000 - 40,000
2. AFL Clubs (18) 0 - 7,000
3. MCC Reserve 16,000 - 26,000
4. AFL Members 13,000 - 23,000
5. AFL/Medallion Club Members 3,000 - 5,000
6. AFL Entitlements/Contractual Obligation 5,000 - 30,000
7. Competing Clubs 0 - 5,000
Total 100,000 (approx)

However we note that:

  1. the configuration of the ground may change which could affect the split of tickets between AFL Members, MCC Reserve and Competing Club Members;
  2. the number of standing room tickets to be made available will vary depending upon a variety of issues;
  3. if at any time the AFL deems it appropriate to sell tickets to the general public they may do so at any time; and
  4. there will be a substantial number of “walk ups” (50%) in the MCC Reserve.

There may be other functions which affect corporate/function spaces and/or AFL entitlements, resulting in variations to the proposed allocation of tickets between now and 29 September 2018.

2. AFL Grand Final Ticket Returns Policy

The policy/guidelines to be followed by the AFL will be as follows. Please note that this policy is not applicable to ticket holders who have procured a 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final ticket in the Melbourne Cricket Club members’ enclosure:

The policy/guidelines to be followed by the AFL will be:

3. AFL Authorised Grand Final Ticket On-Sellers FINAL - 15 November 2018

OSAFL18/19 Corporate Sports Australia
OSAFL18/20 General Travel Group (AFLEO)
OSAFL18/21 Travel & Sports Australia (AFLEO)
OSAFL18/22 Melbourne Stadiums Limited
OSAFL18/23 MEC Corporate Hospitality
OSAFL18/24 Mercury Principle Events
OSAFL18/25 Premium Seats
OSAFL18/26 Virgin Australia Holidays (AFLEO)
OSAFL18/29 Ticketek
OSAFL 18/30 BT Corporate
OSAFL 18/31 The Golden Ticket
OSMCC 18/32 Barry Cheatley
OSMCC 18/33 Condor Corporate Leisure
OSMCC 18/34 SRG 2.9 Pty Ltd
OSMCC 18/35 Top Shelf Management
OSMCC 18/36 Cricket Australia
OSMCC 18/37 Ball Park Entertainment
OSMCC 18/38 The Bubble
OSMCC 18/40 Idiom Events
OSMCC 18/41 Dynamic Sports & Entertainment Group