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Sliding Doors: round five

If you’ve missed two years with wonky knees ... then - ${keywords}
If you’ve missed two years with wonky knees ... then



you look at the Crows team to play the Suns on Saturday ...

then ... you'll notice Jenkins still isn't part of it. That'll be three missed matches after the club initially said he wasn't badly damaged.


there's a 100-point margin among the nine games this round ...

then ... this is where it will come. Anything less than 50 points would be an OK outcome.


there's going to be two 100-point margin games among round five ...

then ... this will be one of them. A pre-emptive ouch for what lies ahead at Adelaide Oval.


you go back four weeks ...

then ... Darcy Moore was one of the brightest young prospects in the entire AFL. He still is.


you've got a wildcard coaching play, Woosha, ...

then ... this is the game to apply it. The Pies are vulnerable, there for the taking. But do you have one?

If you think about it carefully ... then ... you need to be in pretty ordinary condition to be asked to leave an about-to-take-off Australian airplane.

If Luke Hodge wasn't as tough as we've known him to be in his extraordinary 289-game career ... then ... James Parsons is missing three, maybe four, matches. There's no spin on this. It was an ordinary act.

If you're already without Rory Thompson ... then ... the absolute last player you want to lose coming into a match against the forward-line potent Crows is Steven May.

If you look at the past two matches between the Giants and Swans ... then ... you'll see the Swans have struggled scoring. Can't see that changing here, given what we've seen to this point of 2017.

If you've missed two years with wonky knees ... then ... missing two matches just three games in to your comeback year with knee soreness is something which worries us right now.

If we have to wait until Monday night for the game of the round ... then ... so be it. It will be worth it. Hogan versus Rance will be something else, and Jesse goes more than OK against Alex.

If you've won just two of your past 16 matches ... then ... you can't afford to throw away the type of sizeable leads gained last week against the Dogs and in round two versus Geelong.


you look at the ins and outs for this Power v Blues game ...

then ... Ryder in and Kreuzer out will make things even more ugly than they already would have been for the Blues.

If your glass is half full, you're headed for a finals double chance. But If your glass is half empty ... then ... you've beaten teams placed 13, 14 and 15, as well as a dud traveller. And no matter what happens Monday night, the liquid in the glass doesn't move. But it will the following Sunday.


the Saints are to have any hope against the Cats ...

then ... Nathan Brown will need to restrict Hawkins to three goals.

If you want to hold us to this ... then ... please do. The Swans will lose this weekend to go 0-5, but then win their next five and be back in the flag race.


there was one thing we were really looking forward to in round five ...

then ... it was Mitchell versus Hawks. He may never play against his old club.

If our gut feel is right ... then ... Tom Boyd will kick eight.

And by popular request ...

If you knew back in October that the free-to-air host broadcaster would put a cooking show on its main channel ahead of this round's best game, Tiges v Dees on Monday night ... then ...  you would have said: that won’t be happening.

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