Tagged co-hosts Ruby Schleicher and Sarah Hosking, and Brisbane forward Dakota Davidson

HOW A star Lion's attempt to distract an opponent backfired, the hype around pop megastar Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce and whether 'twin telepathy' is real.

All of this – and more – is on the agenda in the debut episode of Tagged with Collingwood gun Ruby Schleicher and Richmond star Sarah Hosking.

Tagged, the first player-led podcast and vodcast produced by AFL Digital, will combine the latest takes on footy with plenty of pop culture and entertainment chat.

In the Rate or Hate segment in the debut episode, Ruby and Sarah debate Dakota Davidson's tactic of dancing on the mark, which left the star Lion stranded in round six as her opponent ran around the boogeying Brisbane forward and dished off to superstar teammate Bri Davey for a crucial goal.


"She's popped her hands behind her ears, she's started wiggling her hips, pulling faces... I just want to know whether you rate it or hate it," Sarah asks Ruby.

"Look, if the person's going for goal you can do what you like. I'm not a fan but you can do what you like," Ruby replies.

"But when you get run around and it results in a goal for the team, it's probably not ideal for you. I'm not a fan but that's just my thoughts."

Sarah was on board with both Davidson's distraction tactics and Campbell's response.

"I loved what happened afterwards because I think it's quite funny. Dakota Davidson is known for doing her funny dances and gets around the whole competition, everyone loves that," Sarah says.

"But what Grace Campbell did afterwards - Bri Davey kicked the goal but Grace Campbell ran up to Dakota Davidson afterwards and did the exact same dance moves right back in her face … if you're going to give it out, you've got to get it."

On Tagged, which launched on Tuesday, Schleicher and Hosking tackle everything from pop culture to locker-room gossip.

In their opening episode, they also discuss:

  • The Beckham family and the 'working-class' debate
  • A grim prediction for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
  • 'Twin telepathy' – Sarah shares a heartbreaking story about her twin sister, Jess

You can watch Tagged every Tuesday on womens.afl  and the AFLW and AFL Live Official apps, and listen to the podcast on all good podcast platforms on the same day.