Harley Reid on Gettable earlier this year. Picture: AFL Photos

MELBOURNE says there is still a "glimmer of hope" the club can land the No.1 pick and bring Harley Reid to the club, but North Melbourne has all but given up on agreeing to a deal with West Coast.

The Demons are among the clubs who have made offers to the Eagles for the top selection. As AFL.com.au's Cal Twomey reported last month, the Dees offered picks No.6, No.11 and No.42, plus a future first, for the No.1 pick, but the deal was knocked back.

On Friday, Melbourne recruiting manager Jason Taylor explained the club's thinking and said he retains some hope of landing the Eagles' pick.

"If you look over the journey, players like Harley Reid are game changers," Taylor told AFL.com.au's Gettable Draft Countdown on Friday.

"He is only one player, but we feel that they can really have an impact on the success of a footy club so we weigh that up and then we weigh up the selections we've got there against what we could bring in alternatively.


"But we just felt that he's a really high-end talent, we love his character, the way he goes about his football. So we thought it was an opportunity to have a go at that and as you said, it's not over yet. But we'll see what happens.

"There's always a glimmer of hope."

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The Kangaroos have made numerous offers for the top pick in the draft but North recruiting manager Will Thursfield said he believes the Roos will miss out.

"I think that horse has bolted. I think (West Coast) are pretty set on Harley and for good reason," he said.

"We, like all teams, would love Harley in the squad. But I think that ship has sailed."

The Roos hold picks No.2, No.3, No.15, No.17, No.18 and No.57 in next week's draft.