Clayton Oliver warms up before Melbourne's semi-final against Carlton in 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

MELBOURNE midfielder Clayton Oliver has been fined without conviction for driving while his licence was suspended.

The 26-year-old didn't appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday due to a medical appointment but was represented by his lawyer Sally Vardy.

The court was told VicRoads sent a letter to the midfielder's Camberwell address on October 27, noting his licence had been suspended for medical reasons.

The suspension came into effect from November 10 but Oliver was caught driving on November 16 in Melbourne's east.

When questioned by police, Oliver said his doctor had told him not to drive after he had a seizure but he didn't realise his licence was suspended.

"I was aware I wasn't insured and if I crashed I would be liable for everything," the 26-year-old told police.

"I didn't think one seizure from having a head knock accounted for getting my licence suspended."

Clayton Oliver evades George Hewett during round 22, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Ms Vardy said Oliver now accepted he had received the VicRoads letter but he neglected to open the envelope.

The 26-year-old had not been behind the wheel since the offending, instead relying on rideshare services and carpooling, Ms Vardy said.

Oliver's licence was still suspended but he was working towards being medically cleared so he could have his licence reinstated, she said.

"He anticipates that will be in the next couple of months," Ms Vardy submitted.


Judicial Registrar Barry Johnstone said the offending was not at the highest range but it was still serious.

"He's in charge of a lethal weapon when he drives a car," Mr Barry told the court.

"If a medical practitioner told him not to drive, then there's a reason behind that."

The registrar noted Oliver was otherwise of good character and fined him $600 without conviction. 

He did not impose any additional suspensions or disqualifications against Oliver's licence.