Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn during Sydney's match against Melbourne in Opening Round, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

HAVE you left it this late to build your Fantasy team for this year?

Been invited to join a League but have no idea what you're doing?

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Wondering which players everyone else is picking?

Look no further than Team Vanilla (minus Carlton and Richmond players) for 2024, which is a squad of the most picked players.

The good news is… you've only missed out on one popular player so far, with Zac Williams (DEF, $442,000) now locked out.

While the true Fantasy devotees have spent weeks and months preparing for this moment, we know others have had 'Pick my Fantasy team' on the to-do list for some time.


Nearly 150,000 teams have already registered ahead of Collingwood v Sydney on Friday night.

The best bit about the team below is there's still $562,000 left in the bank, so you can plug in these 30 players before swapping in some of your favourites. We've added Giant Lachie Whitfield (DEF, $855,000) given how much money we had left.

Or just set and forget and worry about it again next week!

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Most coaches are ignoring the early bye and tough early fixture for Collingwood star Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $982,000). While this is a solid starting defence, consider replacing Daniel Curtin (DEF/MID, $279,000) as the Crows draftee isn't likely to debut until a little later into the season. Zach Reid (DEF, $253,000) is a better early option, or you can use what's in your bank to go bigger and drop Nick Coffield (DEF, $358,000) onto your bench.


This is probably the area you should use the money in your bank to upgrade one of the rookies. Colby McKercher (MID, $297,000), Ryley Sanders (MID, $285,000) and Matt Roberts (MID, $245,000) have to stay, so look at upgrading either Jeremy Sharp (MID, $284,000) or Jhye Clark (MID, $237,000).


Not much to note here. If you're not keen on one of Max Gawn (RUC, $831,000) or Brodie Grundy (RUC, $677,000), then pick Tristan Xerri (RUC, $580,000), not that you need to create any more money in this squad.


If you want to move some pieces around, you can flick Nat Fyfe (MID/FWD, $491,000) and/or Charlie Lazzaro (MID/FWD, $289,000) into your forward line. The one to watch here is Shaun Mannagh (MID/FWD, $200,000), who could be the Cats' sub on Saturday night.