Brandon McClelland and Alex Williams. Picture: @theymightbecomegiants Instagram

GREATER Western Sydney diehard Alex Williams and AFL newcomer Brandon McClelland are reimaging what it means to be a footy fan in western Sydney through their new podcast, They Might Become Giants

The hosts, actors who share a friendship circle but have previously squared off when it comes to what is the superior footballing code, are looking to bring a little more of the traditional footy culture to the region's pubs, as Alex guides Brandon into Giants fandom. 


"Growing up in a league household meant anything to do with AFL was unsanctified," McClelland says.

The series, now available at AFL Podcasts, brings to the studio a conversation that Sydney AFL fans have been having with their league-loving mates for decades as they entice new supporters to the code. 

Ranging from explainers, see the difference between holding the man and holding the ball, to why AFL boasts the superior matchday experience, the podcast delves into the identity of the game's youngest team and its growing fanbase. 

"There are definitely challenges with the scope of the team base reflecting such a large area and quite a disparate population base," Williams says. 

A footy nuffy, and Giants ambassador, Williams recognises one of the challenges for GWS fandom is also one of its more unique selling points. 

"You don't realise just how giant western Sydney is until you drive around out here," Williams says. 

"Each suburb in the area is really different and so unique, it's not like with the Melbourne clubs where you have a team representing one smaller suburb that becomes the identity of the team. 

"There are also the challenges of footy not necessarily having that strong historical tie to the area.

"The Giants have had a lot of success on the field but in an area that doesn't necessarily have a great affinity to the code, it's really that underdog identity that I think attracts people."

"Australians love an underdog, but they also love a winner," McClelland chimes back. 

Josh Kelly celebrates kicking a goal with teammates during the round one match between Greater Western Sydney and North Melbourne at Engie Stadium on March 16, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Williams and McClelland have timed the podcast's launch with a significant opportunity, given the Giants are enjoying their best ever start to a season. 

"Lucky things are shaping up very well for the Giants, I think they're looking like a flag this season," McClelland says, which sends Williams scrambling for the nearest piece of wood to knock on. 

Settling for a pat on his head, Williams echoes that the team's current form is a great chance for the game to grow its fanbase in the region. 

With the Giants travelling for 14 of their 24 matches in 2024, dedicated away venues for fans to gather at play a key role in this. 

Their introductory episode, Storm the West, touches on WA-born Williams' experiences away from the game's heartland and the catalyst for the They Might Become Giants venture.

"I thought [McClelland] would be the perfect person to show me around western Sydney and we could explore the best pubs and eateries and best places to go and create an opportunity to watch away games," Williams says.

GWS players and coach Adam Kingsley ahead of their Opening Round game against Collingwood in 2024. Picture: Phil Hillyard

Their first venture, to the Silverwater Hotel just 4km up the road from Engie Stadium, was one of the most unique footy-going experiences McClelland has enjoyed.

"AFL games are usually resigned to a corner TV, somewhere tucked away without sound, so it was nice to be able to turn the table on people watching the league," McClelland says. 

"It's a game best enjoyed with the sound on, especially to attract casual viewers which a lot of people who were at the pub were."

The venues they've chosen reflect both the variety and immense spread of western Sydney, with the pair heading further west, to Seven Hills venue Hudson Hotel, for the Giants' clash with Gold Coast at 12.30pm AEST on Sunday.

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