Jack Ginnivan with Craig McRae after the R21 match between Collingwood and Melbourne at the MCG on August 5, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

COLLINGWOOD coach Craig McRae insists now-Hawk Jack Ginnivan wasn't unwanted by the Magpies as they prepare to meet for the first time since his trade to Hawthorn.

The Magpies are also anticipating Finn Maginness to resume his tagging role on Nick Daicos at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday.

Premiership forward Ginnivan, 21, this week talked through his disappointing departure from the Magpies, saying he knew it was time to leave after his exit meeting with McRae last year.

McRae said he hadn't heard or read his comments, but dismissed the suggestion Ginnivan potentially didn't feel wanted.

"That's his, maybe, recollection of it. He was definitely wanted," McRae said on Friday.

"We love Jack. We still do. He's a premiership player, and he's always welcome at our club.

"We'll celebrate Jack whenever we have a reunion. He will always be a Collingwood player. We love Jack."


Ginnivan expressed his disappointment at no Collingwood players or coaches reaching out to him to say they wanted him to stay before his trade went through.

"I do recall that. That was such a short period, to be honest," McRae said.

"Graham Wright and I were made aware that this (the trade) was happening at short notice and it happened really quickly.

"So there was probably 12 hours of limbo and if that's a time that maybe others wouldn't have had awareness of what was going on, that could've explained it."

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The small forward has also been in the spotlight, with the AFL conceding umpires missed some potential free kicks Ginnivan should have received against Geelong on Easter Monday.

"I hope he doesn't get any free kicks this week, because he never got them playing for us," McRae said jokingly.

Maginness applied a hard tag to Daicos in round 21 last year and kept him to five touches before the Magpie suffered a hairline fracture to his knee from a knock in the second term.

Finn Maginness and Nick Daicos during the match between Hawthorn and Collingwood at the MCG in round 21, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

McRae expects the tagger, brought into Hawthorn's extended squad, to reprise that role.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" he said.

When asked how to protect Daicos, McRae quipped: "Maybe not getting kneed in the leg would help, wouldn't it?

"It's a difficult thing to go into a game to protect somebody.

"But we certainly have plans around playing somebody on Nick at training to get him some awareness of that and then have some scenarios around planning for it."

Nick Daicos in action during Collingwood's win over Brisbane in round three, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Daicos returned to half-back with success against Brisbane last week and could again start there against the Hawks to avoid a tag.

"There's one thing - if you tag somebody, you literally have to give up a lot," McRae said.

"You do, because Nick can play everywhere."

Veteran Steele Sidebottom will return to Collingwood's team after he was rested for the win over Brisbane.