JACK Grimes wants to remain Melbourne captain under newly-appointed coach Paul Roos.

Grimes was selected as co-captain along with Jack Trengove in former coach Mark Neeld's first year in the job in February 2012.

It was a move that was widely criticised given the relative inexperience of the duo – Grimes was 22 years of age at the time and Trengove just 20.

Now 24, Grimes told AFL.com.au he hoped to continue leading the Demons in the Roos era.

"I'll be putting my hand up, definitely," Grimes said.

"I feel like I've developed a lot and I think I'm a better leader today than when I was announced as co-captain.

"But at the same time, whatever decision they make I'll totally respect as well."

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Grimes had an open chat with Roos on Tuesday morning, with part of the discussion centering on leadership.

"He (Roos) made it pretty clear that he wasn't coming to the club with any pre-conceived ideas," Grimes said.

"He's keen to get to know us a bit before he decides to make any decisions in that regard."

With the appointment of Roos, Grimes said the club had made a statement.

"Ever since (CEO) Peter Jackson's come on board, it just really feels like the club is deadly serious about turning this around," Grimes said.

"The club's not just calling it another rebuild and keeping everyone happy.

"It's not just a half-arsed attempt to turn this place around - I think the club is making serious plans and really making some in-roads."

Aside from the captaincy, Grimes - who played through the midfield and at half-back in 2013 - also discussed with Roos about what the new coach expects from him from next year.

"I really need and want to get a set position, where I feel like I play my best position," Grimes said.

"I love to have the flexibility in my game, but I feel I'd like to really nail down a No. 1 position."

The No. 14 pick in the 2007 NAB AFL Draft has struggled with injury during his 68-game career. He managed 15 games in 2013, missing seven games with a broken collarbone.

"I'd just love to gain the consistency that I think is needed at the top level," Grimes said.

Grimes also expects Roos to bring with him a new mindset after he began his role on Monday.

"I'm sure he's going to bring new areas to guys' games and he's going to challenge guys like they've never been challenged before," he said.

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