Marcus Bontempelli celebrates a goal during the Western Bulldogs' clash against Collingwood in round 12, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

WE NEED our premiums to step up more than ever through the byes … enter Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $912,000).

The inspirational Dogs skipper hasn't been in top form, dropping $144K since the start of the year but he couldn't have chosen a better time to pump out a career-high 159 on the back of 38 possessions, five marks, nine tackles and two goals. He has a BE of 83 and is available for a bargain price but non-owners who are targeting him are in an awkward position given he has an upcoming bye so he will have two price rises before being able to bring him in at the logical time following his week off.

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Week two of the byes will provide some well-earned relief for coaches who don't own the Dockers' dynamic defensive duo of Luke Ryan ($1.02M) and Jordan Clark (DEF, $891,000). The pair will have a well-earned break as the Dockers share the bye with the Power this week following a phenomenal Batman and Robin performance that eventuated in a combined 33 marks and 293 points.

Now the toughest strategic week is behind us, we can start targeting players coming off their bye as upgrade trades. Ideally, we need to attempt to use our three trades per week to move on rookies and mid-pricers with upcoming byes as we edge closer to possibly being in a position to straight swap premiums in round 15 as a luxury points chase.

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  • Zac Fisher (FWD/DEF, $751,000)
  • Errol Gulden (MID, $933,000)
  • Tom Green (MID, $761,000)
  • Toby McMullin (FWD, $260,000)
  • Isaac Heeney (FWD/MID, $928,000)


  • Harley Reid (MID/FWD, $559,000)
  • Sam Clohesy (DEF/MID, $579,000)
  • Darcy Wilson (MID/FWD, $652,000)
  • Riley Bonner (MID/DEF, $775,000)
  • Matt Crouch (MID, $911,000)


  • Jordan Clark (DEF, $891,000) +$66,000
  • Nick Hind (DEF/FWD, $533,000) +$64,000
  • Jaeger O'Meara (MID, $571,000) +$62,000
  • Jack Crisp (MID/DEF, $840,000) +$53,000
  • Alex Sexton (FWD/DEF, $673,000) +$51,000


  • Nick Vlastuin (DEF, $636,000) -$59,000
  • Dan Butler (FWD, $330,000) -$58,000
  • Jack Petruccelle (FWD, $455,000) -$57,000
  • Lachie Hunter (MID, $658,000) -$50,000
  • Changkuoth Jiath (DEF, $447,000) -$48,000


  • Toby McMullin (FWD, $260,000) - 6
  • Charlie Dean (DEF, $310,000) 1
  • Kane McAuliffe (MID, $337,000) 3
  • Joel Freijah (MID/FWD, $365,000) 6
  • Nick Hind (DEF/FWD, $533,000) 8


  • Connor Rozee (MID, $771,000) 158
  • Jordan Dawson (MID, $956,000) 146
  • Zak Butters (MID, $903,000) 138
  • Josh Dunkley (MID, $978,000) 131
  • Harry Sheezel (DEF, $940,000) 130


Zac Fisher (DEF/FWD, $751,000): After many of us traded out the Fish prior to his 'vest game' in round seven, he has punished us, making the defensive distribution role his own with four hundreds on the trot including 121 and 112 in his most recent outings. The Roos go out of their way to give him the ball in the back half and if there is ever a dry spell, he is happy to break the drought with kick-outs. He has a BE of just 41 and is a genuine bargain play coming off his bye.

Errol Gulden (MID, $933,000): The Swans running machine provides the perfect premium upgrade off his bye. We all know the scoring potential Errol possesses and he is coming off two nice outings leading up to the bye with scores of 116 and 119 respectively. It leaves him with a BE of 107 heading into a favourable match-up with the Cats and he should be high on the priority radar for non-owners, especially given he is down $82K on his original asking price.

Tom Green (MID, $761,000): It's been tough going for the Green Machine but I believe he will be better for the reset. He is available for a ridiculously low price following his injured score of seven in round eight and he pushed through the following three weeks despite the ankle complaint for scores of 98, 83 and 91. He is down $237K and has a BE of 106 leading into his game against the Hawks at Pork Park this week and the Traders will be there to ensure a 'poor man's' version of the Tom Green Fan Club is repping him in Tassie.

Tom Green in action during the R9 match between GWS and Essendon at Marvel Stadium on May 11, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Isaac Heeney (FWD/MID, $928,000): Speaking of machines, if you are like Cal and been too stubborn to right your wrongs with the Heen Machine, now is the perfect time to bring him in off the bye. The days of waiting for him to get bumped out of the midfield are over, he is one of the best players in the comp and his team is on top with him in the middle. He has had a remarkable season to date, averaging 112 and his BE of 111 suggests he is fairly priced. Your only opportunity to get a win as a non-owner happened last week on the bye, so join the club of 42 per cent and enjoy the show.

Toby McMullin (FWD, $260,000): If you think the 19-year-old can lose the vest for the injury-riddled Giants, his points per minute suggest he could be a great downgrade target. In his two opportunities this year, he has scored 47 and 65 from just 47 and 65 per cent time on ground respectively with nine tackles a highlight from his most recent performance. He has a BE of -6 and is a cash cow to closely monitor.


Riley Bonner (DEF/MID, $775,000): It's been a great ride but unfortunately it's fallen just short of his optimal round 15 bye. The Bone has increased an impressive $312K since the start of the year while averaging a superb 90 and hitting huge heights including 127 and 129, all while gaining defender status. Unfortunately, he may have job security issues this week and his scoring has dried up with outings of 65 and 60 in his last two which gives him a BE of 118. It's a small jump in price to some significant talent upgrades.

Matt Crouch (MID, $911,000): After being disrespected by his own club over the last couple of years and playing in the magoos, Fantasy favourite Crouchy was finally given another go at the top level and didn't he show his worth! He has been an amazing selection since the start of the year, increasing $171K while averaging an impressive 106. Unfortunately he will miss the remainder of the year following an injury that occurred in the first quarter last week. Yes, that right, a first-quarter injury and he played through it to score a season-high 133, what an absolute champion!

Harley Reid (MID, $559,000): The No.1 pick didn't let his coaches down after biting the bullet and paying top dollar for the rookie. He has averaged a solid 65 and played an important role in our questionable forward lines while increasing a handy $259K. Despite not quite making it to the bye like many of his coaches had planned due to his suspension, he sits at a nice price to upgrade to a premium coming off their bye.


Jeremy Sharp (MID, $725,000): It's all about timing. After many of us traded Sharpy out following a 39-point dodgeball performance in round seven, he turned it on with scores of 86, 118, 88, 105 and 80, well and truly rewarding coaches that kept the faith. He has increased by an impressive $441K since the start of the year while boosting his average to 81. Despite being a little hesitant to move him on given his good form, the timing feels right given his bye and the value premiums available this week.

Sam Clohesy (DEF/MID, $579,000): After coming in and providing us with a downgrade target in round four, the Sun has served as a great cash cow, playing nine games straight and increasing by $379K while averaging 74. His scoring has dried up a bit of late, averaging just 60 in his last three which caused a price drop of $8K last week which is usually a good indication it's time to move him on, despite having a nice match-up prior to his bye.

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