GEELONG is set to rest young midfielder Charlie Constable for the Easter Monday blockbuster against Hawthorn after an encouraging four-game stint at AFL level.

The more experienced Cameron Guthrie, who had recovered from a pre-season calf injury, was likely return in place of Constable, Cats coach Chris Scott said on Friday.

"That'll probably (be the case)," Scott said of the team changes.

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"That's on the basis that Charlie will be managed this week. He's a young player we need to get through the season so that was a priority for us, even over and above players coming back into the team.

"It was either going to be last week or this week, and it's not a reflection of his performance because he's been going really well."

Zach Tuohy will play in the VFL on Saturday after having two separate surgeries on a knee injury that hampered his pre-season.

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The Cats expect he will only have a short stretch of games playing at the lower level.

"His preparation has been such that we think the best thing for him is to play in the VFL, but it was a live possibility that we could bring him straight back," Scott said.

"That would indicate that we think it's going to be a short stint in the VFL. Whether it's one or two, I don't really see it being longer than that."

After nine days between their clash against Adelaide and Greater Western Sydney, the Cats have had another nine-day break to contend with ahead of the match-up with the Hawks.

When asked what his side had learned from another lengthy break following their first loss of the season to GWS, Scott said it was an area his side was seeking to improve on.

"Nothing. We're still confused," Scott said jokingly.

"I said last week that we need to confront it and we're in the position where we need to confront it.

"The positive was that we started last week's game exceptionally well and we should have been in much better shape than we were, especially after 15 minutes.

"It's a combination of things. It would be naïve to think we should just ignore it all together and just hope it goes away. That's not our policy."

Scott said it was only natural that the juices would be flowing ahead of another match-up against the arch-rival Hawks.

"We don't need to go to too much effort to manufacture some excitement and some enthusiasm for the game," Scott said.

"We know Easter Monday's on the calendar every year and it's taken on more importance over the last decade or so because the two teams have generally been contenders.

"There's enough evidence there to think that both teams can be formidable at their best, and it's a great occasion."