The AFL notes today's developments in regards to reports of a long-term contract offer from the Sydney Swans Football Club to Hawthorn Football Club player and restricted free agent Lance Franklin.
No binding player contract offer can be made until the commencement of the free agency period on Friday, October 4, 2013.

All player football contracts are tripartite agreements between the player, the club and the AFL. They are not ratified until thoroughly scrutinised and approved by the AFL’s Legal, Integrity and Compliance Department.
In regards to player contracts, all clubs are required under the rules to adhere to the TPP (Total Player Payments) rules at all times and this compliance is strictly monitored by the AFL.
As part of the review process by the AFL’s Legal, Integrity and Compliance Department, key people involved in the proposed Franklin arrangement – at this stage a non-binding offer of a nine-year deal – will be interviewed in the coming days to ensure any agreements, arrangements or understandings that are to be entered into are in accordance with the AFL rules and are not in breach of rules relating to conduct prejudicial to the draft, player movement rules and/or the Total Player Payments provisions.
Under enhanced compliance measures, this is now standard procedure and is a process that will be followed for all free agency lodgements.
The AFL also confirmed that all club and player allowances, including the cost-of-living allowance, are currently being reviewed by the AFL.
The Sydney Swans FC are aware of their TPP obligations and understand that they may need to accommodate this proposed contract in an environment in which the cost-of-living allowance may be altered or removed altogether.