SPORTS scientist Stephen Dank has thrown his support behind the four Essendon officials charged by the AFL.

Dank described the charges announced on Tuesday night as "laughable" and insisted James Hird, Dr Bruce Reid, Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson would never do anything to harm their players.

"I just find the whole thing quite laughable," Dank said.

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"I certainly know how hard those four guys worked in relation to running the football department last year.

"I certainly know the ethics of those four blokes and under no circumstances would I have thought they had done anything that would have been contrary to the care of those players.

"I can't speak highly enough of the duty of care of the four mentioned people who are facing these charges, I couldn't speak highly enough of those four particular gentleman in relation to duty of care."

Dank said the findings against the four men were a "disgrace", but predictable.

"I personally think it's a disgrace what they've done and I think it's a disgrace what's being handed down tonight.

"I think it was fairly obvious from a long, long way out what the AFL wanted to hand down, so no, that hasn't surprised me.

"To be quite honest when you run a kangaroo-court style of judiciary, it's quite easy to handle the various bits of information to orchestrate what you want in terms of a final result.

"Essendon will have a chance to challenge this, as I said, in more formal judicial settings which, let's just say, [rely] a little bit more on the accuracy and precision of the evidence."

The charges from the AFL come on the back of Essendon's internal Switkowski report, which Dank described as inaccurate.

Dank said he would help the Bombers in their fight against the charges.

"Look, there's quite a deal of assistance that myself and my legal team can and will offer to Essendon and this case," Dank said.

"I think they've been the subject of a quite extensive kangaroo-court style of hearing and there's no doubt that this will head to court, as you can appreciate.

"I'll be heading to court as well in relation to this matter.

"So I'm sure that when we put everything together there will be quite a strong, precise and accurate case both by both myself and Essendon in taking the AFL and ASADA on."

Dank pleaded with Bombers fans to continue to support the club.

"I say to the Essendon fans, stay strong, have faith and trust me, this fight is far from over," he said.

He also reiterated he would not speak to the AFL or ASADA at any stage.

"No, no (I won't be speaking to them)," Dank said.

"And I've been quite clear about this from day one. Had someone had come to me prior to the fourth or the fifth of February and said: ‘Mate, we've just got some issues and we've probably got some things we want to discuss, things we're not too sure about,' I would have been the first one down there.

"I would have said: "OK boys, let's lock ourselves in and let's get it sorted'."