AFL HEAVYWEIGHTS have thrown their support behind Adelaide forward Eddie Betts after he was the subject of another racially motivated attack on social media.

Betts shared a post from the Adelaide Instagram account which showed him entering Friday night's AFLX tournament with Hawthorn champion Shaun Burgoyne.

Circling a comment with a racist epithet, Betts commented, "When will it stop why can't we just play footy" and "Why can't we just all get along."

AFL general manager of inclusion and social policy, Tanya Hosch, said she had contacted Betts on Sunday morning.

"I spoke to Eddie this morning, I knew his club was dealing with it and they put a statement out last night," Hosch told

"You can't help but be concerned for the individual when something like this happens, and he chooses to be a very positive individual.

"All Eddie was doing on Friday night was his job, he was just doing his job.

All of us need to be speaking out for this, not just the individual that's been vilified. - Tanya Hosch

"We've seen that demonstrated with a number of players on social joining Eddie in being very clear they think this type of behavior is unacceptable and disgusting."

Bett's fellow AFLX captain Patrick Dangerfield was among the host of AFL stars to rally around the star, commenting, "Disgusting, cowardly, racist."

Burgoyne, who was Betts' vice-captain on Friday night posted on Instagram denouncing the comment as, "Just a coward sitting behind a keyboard."

Western Bulldogs captain Easton Wood said there was, "No place in the game or society for this disgusting rubbish," in a post on Twitter.

AFLPA boss Paul Marsh also took to Twitter to voice his anger: "More disgraceful, cowardly, racist behaviour directed at one of our game’s finest people."

"There is simply no excuse for this garbage. Our indigenous players deserve so much better."

Adelaide released a statement on Saturday night, describing the post as "abhorrent and disgusting.

"In listening to our playing group and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players in particular, it is clear how damaging and impactful racism is to them and their families," chief executive Andrew Fagan said.

"Put simply, it must stop and all of our players, coaches, staff and board are united in our stand against such cowardly behaviour."

The original comment and user's account have since been deleted.

It is not the first time Betts has been at the centre of racial abuse online after a comment directed at him during last season.

It came after a Port Adelaide fan was given an indefinite suspension for abuse during a Showdown in 2017.

A Power fan was also forced to apologise for throwing a banana at Betts during a clash at the Adelaide Oval in 2016 and handed an indefinite suspension.