IT SHOULD be no surprise that the two top teams on the ladder, Richmond and West Coast, also lead the competition for total quarters won this season.

But there are some surprises within the statistics that point to some clubs making the most of their dominance during games and others not quite capitalizing on it.

Melbourne, who sits in 10th position on the ladder with four wins so far this season, has won more quarters (17) than all but the Tigers, Eagles and Adelaide. It highlights the Demons' growing confidence and their build after a slower start to the year.  

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But Hawthorn, placed in fourth position on the ladder after a 5-2 start to the year, is outside the top eight for quarters won so far this season, showing the Hawks' ability to step up when a game is up for grabs. 

As expected, the bottom four clubs on the ladder – Carlton, Brisbane, St Kilda and Essendon – are also the worst in the competition for quarters won this year, with all having won fewer than 10 quarters for the season.  

Total quarters won

1. Richmond1990
2. West Coast1891
3. Adelaide18100
4. Melbourne17101
5. Geelong16120
6. North Melbourne16120
7. Greater Western Sydney15121
8. Collingwood15121
9. Hawthorn15130
10. Sydney15130
11. Port Adelaide15130
12. Fremantle14140
13. Western Bulldogs11152
14. Gold Coast11170
15. Essendon9172
16. Brisbane8200
17. St Kilda8200
18. Carlton8200

North Melbourne has surprised this season and is setting itself up for competitive performances in the first quarter. The Kangaroos have the best record in first terms of any side this competition, winning five of seven, and also conceding fewest points of any club (an average of 13 an opening term). 

Brisbane is lumped towards the bottom of the ladder and can point to its first quarters as a key factor, with the Lions yet to claim a win in that period. They have also conceded more than double the points they have managed to score themselves, often leaving them too much work to do after the first break.

First quarters won

1. North Melbourne52015790
2. Richmond520187115
3. Adelaide520183149
4. Fremantle520142119
5. West Coast520162138
6. Melbourne430177138
7. Collingwood430166141
8. Essendon430164143
9. Sydney430157153
10. Greater Western Sydney430124126
11. Geelong340165154
12. Gold Coast340126123
13. Western Bulldogs340147154
14. Port Adelaide340129140
15. Hawthorn340153198
16. St Kilda250111147
17. Carlton160115212
18. Brisbane07088213

The Eagles have been solid starters in games but have put the foot down in the second term to be completely dominant before the half-time break.

Adam Simpson's men hold the best record of any side in any period of the game with their second terms, with a percentage of 280.82.

They have averaged 29 points in the second quarter and conceded on average just 10, meaning they have headed into half-time holding a lead in all bar their round one loss to Sydney (when they trailed by 26 points).

Second quarters won

1. West Coast61020573
2. Richmond520155110
3. Collingwood421163127
4. Geelong430162125
5. Hawthorn430150121
6. Adelaide430159131
7. Sydney430130133
8. Western Bulldogs430118165
9. Greater Western Sydney331158107
10. Melbourne331134160
11. Brisbane340135149
12. North Melbourne340128150
13. Gold Coast340137170
14. Port Adelaide340136177
15. Essendon241118135
16. St Kilda25099124
17. Carlton 250103156
18. Fremantle25098175

Essendon's third-quarter woes have been the focus of much attention and scrutiny, and for good reason given the Bombers have given up half-time leads the past two weeks to be overrun in the third quarter.

The Bombers haven't won a third term yet, a problem they don't seem to have any solution to. On the other hand, Geelong and Port Adelaide have been strong after the main break, winning all bar one third term, while it has also been a strong time of the game for the Hawks and Dees. 

Third quarters won

1. Geelong61017996
2. Port Adelaide610227125
3. Hawthorn52017891
4. Melbourne520163124
5. Fremantle520168134
6. Adelaide430193113
7. Richmond430145123
8. North Melbourne430139126
9. Collingwood430144150
10. Gold Coast430141156
11. Western Bulldogs331109172
12. Greater Western Sydney340138133
13. Sydney340125153
14. West Coast241156167
15. Brisbane250136166
16. St Kilda160119203
17. Carlton160108200
18. Essendon07087223

Gold Coast's start to the season has seen the Suns play in Cairns, Melbourne, twice in Perth, once in Brisbane, once in Adelaide and then most recently in Ballarat.

It's a tiring schedule that no doubt is having an effect on the younger Suns line-up, who sit last for last quarter performances this year. They have won just one final term but been also heavily outscored as well. 

Fourth quarters won

1. Richmond520253130
2. Greater Western Sydney520159127
3. West Coast520188156
4. Adelaide520152156
5. Melbourne520161191
6. Sydney430190129
7. North Melbourne430147123
8. Carlton430140154
9. Essendon331200179
10. Hawthorn340191143
11. Collingwood340171191
12. Geelong340137156
13. Brisbane340134160
14. Port Adelaide340105142
15. St Kilda340126178
16. Fremantle250127175
17. Western Bulldogs151145171
18. Gold Coast16089154