NATHAN Freeman's manager insists there's more than money behind the youngster's request for a trade from Collingwood. 

The 20-year-old Magpie told the club he wanted out on Wednesday, with Collingwood list manager Derek Hine confirming the club would explore various trade scenarios.

Although highly touted, hamstring injuries haven't allowed Freeman to make an AFL debut in his two years on Collingwood's list. 

He was drafted by the Magpies with pick no. 10 at the 2013 NAB AFL Draft. 

Former skipper Nick Maxwell said he used to compare Freeman's physical capabilities to Patrick Dangerfield.

Maxwell said Freeman had been offered greater money at a rival club, but Freeman's manager Paul Connors denied finance was the motivating factor behind the move. 

"The offer [from Collingwood] we thought was unreasonable … don't get me wrong, he hasn't played a game so it's not like we were after that [much] – it's how that makes you feel," Connors told SEN.

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"That made him feel that he wanted just to have a think about his position.

"He hasn’t played for two years so he's frustrated and that's what brought it on.     

"Luke McPharlin left Hawthorn a long time ago because he was injured – they leave sometimes when they're injured." 

Connors went on to suggest the Magpies were not in the race to secure much-hyped Brisbane Lion James Aish because they already had plenty of young midfield talent.

The Pies are set to secure talented Greater Western Sydney midfielder Adam Treloar and combined with several other emerging guns, Connors suggested the club's depth also played a role in Freeman's desire to seek a move. 

"Don't forget, Collingwood has got Treloar, they've got (Jack) Crisp, they've got (Levi) Greenwood, they're not even chasing Aish because they think they're probably ok in the position," he said.

"It's not as simple as 'it's about money'."