DRAFT hopefuls will have to complete a compulsory weekly training diary during football's shutdown period as part of the AFL's training program that was sent to every under-18 player this week.

SHUTDOWN PERIOD Players can head home

While uncertainty grips the competition and the future of games in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, including the form and status of this year's NAB AFL Draft, the League's talent department have set clear training guidelines to follow until at least May 31.

Potential No.1 pick Jamarra Ugle-Hagan at the NAB League testing day in March. Picture: AFL Photos

The AFL's national talent head coach and former Magpie Tarkyn Lockyer distributed the detailed program to all state bodies and academy 'hubs' on Wednesday, featuring three three-week blocks of trainings.  

Draft hopefuls were told to comply with government restrictions on social distancing during their sessions and to stay two metres clear from teammates during their exercises, and encouraged to purchase resistance bands, skipping ropes and to build a chin-up bar at home to maintain strength. 

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They will have to submit their 'wellness form' every morning – an online tool to measure how a player is travelling physically and mentally – and then each Sunday complete a diary reflecting on their week of training. 

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Draftees have been set a number of drills to focus on during their break away from their under-18 clubs, including a number of specific kicking, clean hands and goalkicking exercises to keep skills sharp. 

Denver Grainger-Barras in action for Western Australia. Picture: AFL Photos

Using mindfulness applications have also been encouraged by the AFL as a means for the draft prospects to move through the challenging period. 

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The large majority of football departments, including list and recruiting teams, have been stood down as clubs close down as a result of COVID-19 measures, meaning draft hopefuls will have little interaction with scouts. 

However they are being pushed to maintain high fitness levels in the chance of a shortened season resuming later in the year and their time to impress being condensed.