Sando wants to maximise the Crows' hopes of a big 2015...
...getting Bomber Thompson as an assistant would be the right move. An expensive one, but the right one.
Brisbane Lions
when it's all said and done for season 2014, there's a more heartwarming story than that of Lewi Taylor......well, there won't be. Love what he's overcome, love how he handles himself.
Carlton wants to do something radical in the off season......they should bring in Fev to teach Casboult how to kick.
something wrong keeps recurring between player and officialdom......something has to give. And it will be right for both club and Lumumba to part ways.
the Bombers wanted us to be convinced there was, as they're telling everyone privately, "nothing" in the Paddy Ryder story......they would have plonked him in front of one of their Bomber TV cameras and had him say that. They didn't.
the Virgin airline official assigned the task of telling Ross The Boss that his team's plane wasn't leaving Perth for Sydney on Thursday is still alive......that's a good outcome for that person.
you're a star and you're being rested for a second consecutive week, after serious back surgery at the start of the year......there are significant concerns. Hope Christensen can get back on the park.
Gold Coast
the inaugural CEO of this club hadn't had his last day in the post this week...
...would the coach's future be more of an issue than it seems to be? Probably.
Greater Western Sydney

the Magpies had their time over again...
...they'd almost certainly have found a way to ensure James Stewart was on their list. Giants very happy they overlooked him.
the Hawks make the grand final this year without Cyril being part of the finals series to that stage......the media scrutiny over his availability for the big dance will be a circus.
Nathan Jones played for a more successful footy club......he'd be a megastar. Could be by the end of next year anyway. Outstanding competitor.
North Melbournethe Kangaroos have improved, like we so often think they have......they simply beat the Bombers on Saturday night. No excuses.
Port Adelaide
we were running Port Adelaide and the AFL told us that we had to change our guernsey this week......we would have, very simply and very politely, said: "No. We won't be. This is YOUR problem, not ours. And let's now see how this plays out publicly for you."
you made a big statement about this club in Sliding Doors last week and you got it wrong...
...you're writing this week's Tigers reference with egg on your face. While eating humble pie. And trying to get a seat on the bandwagon.
St Kilda
Clint Jones goes into the footy abyss after his delisting......don't forget he was once a crucial cog in the midfield of a very good football outfit which went very close to the ultimate prize a heartbreaking number of times.
Sydney Swans
you want to suck a non-AFL city's interest out of AFL......schedule a Swans final away from the SCG. And then for fun play it on a surface that is uneven, patchy, sodden and sometimes even dangerous.
West Coast
everyone at the Eagles doesn't at some stage of this weekend curse themselves for not being part of week one finals action......they are deluding themselves. Wasted season.
Western Bulldogswe want to hear less of one thing next year......it is the Bulldogs referring to the future. Sometimes, the future is right now and you're actually looking that far into the distance that you actually miss it.

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