THE DATE of Ahmed Saad's tribunal case is likely to be set within weeks with the St Kilda forward to learn of his penalty for taking a prohibited stimulant before the end of the year.

Saad, who is overseas on his honeymoon, is facing a two-year suspension for his actions earlier in the season.

He is expected to face a tribunal to determine his fate before the end of the year.

Saad began a provisional suspension in August after failing a post-match drug test in July.

He inadvertently consumed a substance registered on the AFL's Anti-Doping banned list, believed to be a stimulant contained in the Viking Protein sports drink, 'Before Battle'.

Saad has previously been linked to Viking Protein in an ambassadorial sense.

His legal team continues to build a defence against the allegations and is hopeful of an outcome for his actions with a sanction less than the maximum penalty.

It remains a challenging time for the 24-year-old, but it is believed he retains a positive mindset and has been buoyed by the support the Saints have given him so far.

Saad is contracted, having signed a two-year extension in March this year.

The Saints are waiting to hear when the tribunal will be held and It is unclear what stance the club will take on Saad if he is suspended by the tribunal.

Saad will return from overseas in the next week.

The AFL is engaging clubs and other stakeholders on how it will tighten the use of supplements within clubs after alarming results from a recent survey regarding their use.

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