SYDNEY Swans player Elijah Taylor appeared in Perth court today and pled guilty to a charge of aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm and is due to reappear for sentencing on December 2. 

Based on Taylor's guilty plea, the AFL will now work with the Sydney Swans to review the matter.

Taylor remains stood down from the Sydney Swans Football Club. 

The AFL wishes to reinforce earlier comments from AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan that the AFL condemned any violence against women. 

"Violence against women in any form is abhorrent and we strongly condemn it," Mr McLachlan said.

"Our view is clear and unequivocal – violence against women is never okay in any circumstance – ever.

The safety, welfare and care of those involved remains the priority and the AFL will continue to liaise with the Sydney Swans, to continue to provide the support that is required to those involved.