PORT Adelaide has suspended a club member indefinitely after investigating allegations that Adelaide forward Eddie Betts was racially vilified during Saturday night's Showdown.

In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, the club said the offender had been evicted from the Adelaide Oval and his membership card had been confiscated.

The Power said it was awaiting a full report from the stadium and SA Police before taking any further action.

The club also said that a separate investigation had found Power ruckman Paddy Ryder was subject to racial abuse by an Adelaide supporter.

"Spectators in the immediate vicinity challenged the Crows supporter on his remarks and upon being challenged the offender ran away before stadium security could be alerted," the statement said.

"As a result, an official report with Adelaide Oval Stadium Management could not be lodged."

Meanwhile, Power star Chad Wingard has told AFL.com.au that Australians needed to stand up and say racism was unacceptable. 

"Eddie Betts has copped it; this is his second time in AFL," he said.

"It's pretty sad to see that. He's going to deal with it in his own way.

"It's bigger than sport. It's not Crows v Port, it's not AFL v NRL, it's people v people, we've got to be there for each other as a community and as all Australians, we're in this together.

"It doesn't matter where you are from. We're a culture that is very diverse and we have to make sure we are accepted and that's not going to bind us who we are."

Port Adelaide chief executive Keith Thomas said the club was very disturbed by the incidents.

"As a club we are sickened by these reports that are at complete odds with the values of our club, represented in our spectator code of conduct," he said.

"We simply will not tolerate this behaviour. 

"As a club and an industry we need to continue to educate football supporters that this type of behaviour is not acceptable at our games or in society more broadly. 

"We will work closely with our member to educate him on what we expect from our community when it comes to racist behaviour. 

"And I would call upon the Crows supporter to also come forward, and we would welcome him to also take part in our highly regarded cultural awareness sessions with our Aboriginal program director Paul Vandenbergh. Education and persistence is the key to better outcomes."

The Power also found that Paddy Ryder had been subject to racial abuse by a fan. Picture: AFL Photos