BANNED forward Taylor Walker could soon return to his Adelaide teammates, his coach Matthew Nicks says.

Walker has been away from the club since being suspended by the AFL for six games for making a racist remark.

The former captain has met privately with some players and staffers but Nicks says the timing of his re-integration into the Crows squad remains uncertain.

"It's one that won't be rushed through," Nicks told reporters on Friday.

Taylor Walker and Matthew Nicks talk after a loss at Adelaide Oval in 2020. Picture: AFL Photos

"It's something that Taylor, I know, would love to be there with his teammates - and I know a lot of his teammates would love him to be there also.

"But at this point in time it's about doing the right thing by everyone at the football club and making sure the time is right for him to come back into the group.

"That is the direction we are looking to go.

"We would love for Taylor to come back and connect with this group and we just want to make sure the time is right for that."

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Nicks' comments suggest the 31-year-old Walker, who will top Adelaide's goalkicking this season, is likely to play out his 2022 contract.

Walker was "opening up, listening, learning" in discussions with teammates, Nicks said.

"Speaking to individuals and talking through, it's a really important part of where it's at the moment," he said.

"And what you see is hopefully a lot of positive comes out of this and we can work together to make a difference going forward.

"It's positive to see players that have gone through a really tough time, including Taylor, coming away from these conversations feeling better about where to from here."

Taylor Walker and Robbie Young shake hands during Walker's video apology for making a racist comment. Picture: Screenshot

Nicks said the Crows and Walker must turn "a terrible situation" into an opportunity to make a difference.

"I hope that is sooner rather than later," he said.

"And I'm sure it will be because the conversations we're having at the moment are going really well.

"I'm really optimistic about sitting down with everyone involved, talking through emotions, talking through feelings, I'm really optimistic that we will make a difference moving forward."