Eligibility, Registration and Match-Day

The National Community Football Policy Handbook includes various sections relating to eligibility and registration:

Part B – Eligibility and Registration

Part B includes the following sections:

  • Player registration and transfers
  • Age dispensation
  • Coach accreditation
  • Umpire accreditation
  • Deregistration

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What is the purpose of Part B?

Part B sets out how someone can get involved in Australian Football as a Player, Coach or Umpire. It governs the registration and transfer of Players within Australian Football and aims to ensure the movement of Players is fair, transparent and consistent.

Part B provides for the dispensation of a Player to participate in a Competition below their applicable age group where a disability and/or physical size considerations exist. A Player who wishes to apply for dispensation make an application in accordance with Part B.

The national framework for the accreditation of Coaches and Umpires of Australian Football is set out in Part B.  The framework is focused on improving Coach and Umpire education and Player safety at all levels of Australian Football and forms part of the AFL’s commitment to creating a fun and safe environment for every Person to participate in Australian Football.

The AFL is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants and Part B, which deals with the deregistration of Players and Football Officials, provides a risk management framework and policy basis for the AFL and community football stakeholders to support that objective.

Other policies referenced within the National Community Football Policy Handbook that relate to eligibility, registration, and match-day include: