TAGGERS reared their ugly heads for the first time in a while and we copped a big reality check with a number of our premiums succumbing to the extra attention. On a positive note, we finally got a look at big Braydon Preuss in orange and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the journeyman reaching triple figures for 108. The biggest question is whether he is too expensive to sit on the bench, or… could you possibly cull one of our 'Set and forget!'


  • Braydon Preuss (RUC, $411,000)
  • Nathan O’Driscoll (DEF/MID, $202,000)
  • Tim English (RUC, $769,000)
  • Patrick Cripps (MID, $810,000)
  • Sam Docherty (DEF, $855,000)


  • Jack Hayes (FWD/RUC, $367,000)
  • Paddy McCartin (FWD/DEF, $350,000)
  • Joshua Rachele (FWD/MID, $414,000)
  • Joshua Gibcus (DEF, $286,000)
  • Max Gawn (RUC, $829,000)
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On the chopping block: The Traders' early R4 trades

Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss their early trade options ahead of round four

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  • Nic Martin (FWD, $348,000) +$82,000
  • Angus Brayshaw (MID, $663,000) +$71,000
  • Nick Daicos (MID, $457,000) +$67
  • Patrick Naish (FWD/MID, $441,000) +$63,000
  • Patrick Crisp (MID, $810,000) +$61,000


  • Chad Wingard (FWD/MID, $598,000) -$56
  • Todd Goldstein (RUC, $612,000) -$56
  • Trent McKenzie (DEF, $478,000) -$54
  • Jack Scrimshaw (DEF, $617,000) -$51,000
  • Jake Waterman (FWD, $617,000) -$49,000

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  • Nic Martin (FWD, $348,000) - 31
  • Aaron Black (MID, $221,000) - 3
  • Tristan Xerri (RUC, $414,000) 0
  • Patrick Naish(MID/FWD, $441,000) 1
  • Hugh Dixon (RUC/FWD, $226,000) 1


  • Christian Salem (DEF, $717,000) 160
  • Touk Miller (MID, $981,000) 156
  • Jack Macrae (MID, $931,000) 152
  • Kyle Langford (MID, $667,000) 150
  • Jack Steele (MID, $962,000) 145


Braydon Preuss
RUC, $367,000
We finally got to see the journeyman make his Giant debut and he didn’t disappoint. The 26 year old didn’t miss a beat, recording 34 hit outs, 16 possessions and a score of 108. It leaves him with a break even of just seven making him one of the best cash cows in the game.

Sam Docherty
DEF, $855,000
The former Blues skipper and general inspiration to the whole population was at it again on the weekend, continuing to display arguably his career best form. He collected 33 possessions and took 13 marks on his way to 138. It gives him a BE of 83 leading into his game against the Suns leaving another price rise on the cards.

George Hewett
DEF/MID, $633,000
If you ignored our advice (usually a good idea) and didn’t start your season with Super Hewey, it's time to bite your pride and bring him in. He had a season high 119 on the weekend to increase his average to 98 and leave him with a BE of just 36.

Also consider: Tim English, Reef McInnes, Jake Stein.

Sam Docherty in action against Hawthorn in round three, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


Jack Steele
MID, $962,000
Never has a player been so scrutinised for starting the season with three straight hundreds but that's what happens when you start the season over one million dollars. This week he plays the Hawks who have given up a phenomenal amount of points to opposition midfielders.

Touk Miller
MID, $981,000
In a similar boat to Steele, there was an outpouring of frustration towards Touk who was also north of one million dollars prior to the start of the season. The former tagger, turned ball magnet copped a dose of his old medicine, restricting him to 68.

Jack Macrae
MID, $989,000
The Bulldogs ball magnet was tracking towards another triple figure score against the Swans before finding himself on the wing in the last quarter which dried his scoring up completely. He eventually finished the match with two points in the last and a score of 75. He has a BE of 152 but will return to the middle this week and score accordingly.

Also consider: Jack Crisp, Lachie Neale, Christian Petracca.

Jack Steele reacts on the final siren in round three, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


Rowan Marshall
RUC, $729,000
Despite being a big fan of the Saint, it’s time to bail given there are fantastic options at and below his price. He can’t produce the scoring required to be a top ruck playing alongside Paddy Ryder, as we saw on the weekend 66. He has a BE of 118 and Preuss provides a nice cash grab.

Jack Hayes
FWD/RUC, $367,000
The 24 year old has made an outstanding start to his career, averaging an impressive 72 over his first three games. Despite having a BE of just 10, he was also well down due to the return of Ryder, recording a season low 45. It's only a matter of time before the Saints cut back to two of the three rucks and unfortunately Hayes is the one to go.

Sam Draper
RUC, $499,000
If taking a punt on the 23 year old was your way of avoiding the ‘set and forget’ strategy, fix it while you can. The Bomber had an extraordinarily low score on the weekend, reaching just 28 with one kick, one handball, one mark and on free against. Thankfully he had 19 hit outs.

Also consider: Conor Rozee, Matt Rowell, Josh Gibcus.

I would usually say to stick with your boys but we need to have Crippa the big bull! Parish costs a heap more than Crouch and has a BE of 127 compared to 68. Parish goes.

Yet to find something I don’t like. We always knew a break out would come from the young star at some stage and it is certainly upon us. He has a BE of just 51 and remains an under priced premium option who is in the mix for the top 10.

I’m in the same boat. I need Paddy off my ground and I love Doc. Realistically though, I can’t see myself going through with it.

For position, value and scoring, its still my boy Super Hewey, George Hewett.

Surely! Credit where it’s due though, plenty of marks and back to back 100s! I would steer clear.

I am currently crunching numbers to drop my first rollin’ 22 on the Podcast Monday. Until then, just know Doc is at number one and bring him in.

Same reasons my son is beating me. They are smart and we suck.

I want everyone to join me on the Crippa train but you need to prioritise fixing that backline mate. Get Shorty.

Good luck legends, @RoyDT


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