AFL FANTASY coaches want the best players in their team, but a bit goes into making your two trades per week in Fantasy Classic.

Price is obviously a factor when making trades. It’s going to be tough, especially at this stage of the season, to have a team full of the top priced players. Coaches will need to prioritise who they bring in based on their value.

Finding players who are cheaper than what their current – and more importantly, future – output is can help you be savvy with available cash.

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Calvin looks at some options on the latest episode of the AFL Fantasy Podcast who may be the among the top premium options at the end of the season. Touk Miller (MID, $885,000) has bottomed out in price and should be on your shopping list. For several thousand dollars less, Patrick Cripps (MID, $831,000) is a great pick based on what he’s scoring and the potential that he could be in the top handful of Fantasy scorers this year.

Hear more trade targets as Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through the news out of round seven with a look ahead to making your all-important round eight trades.

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In this week’s episode …

3:30 - Warnie is in the green vest this week.

7:20 - Greg Clark gets applauded for his 110 and is a must-have this week.

13:00 - Roy gives his new recruit Connor Rozee his -3, but there are plenty of reasons thrown back at him as to why it's a harsh call.

17:25 - Calvin's top 10 captain picks, led my Max Gawn, averaged 123 in round seven with his top five going at 131.

24:20 - While Robbie McComb scored 83, Ben Hobbs scored 30 ... highlighting the tough calls it is to nail you rookies each week.

28:40 - "You're just getting on the pre-season hero" - Jayden Short is proving he's anything but.

32:00 - Patrick Cripps is still value and should be a trade target this week, even if you traded him out!

37:55 - With a high breakeven, you can wait on Tim Taranto but he is going to be a value pick.

41:10 - Dylan Moore gets a deserved mention.

43:05 - Is Roy going early on getting rid of Will Brodie?

44:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

48:05 - Will Nick Daicos get a rest at some stage soon and could you trade him?

52:20 - Touk Miller v Patrick Cripps.

55:25 - Could picking Rory Laird as a point of difference be a winning move?

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