THERE is a lot to think about with the byes on the horizon, but fundamentally we need to stick to the process this week, two rookies out and one premium in. The tricky part is, of course, doing this while maintaining a nice balance across rounds 12, 13 and 14. The lucky part is, there are a heap of under priced premiums available, not to mention some rookies that are getting it done for bargain prices.

Now remember, through the byes, you receive three trades per week, so the temptation to carry a lot of cash into the period is there, but isn’t vital as you will get three shots at a double downgrade in order to bring in a premium each if the three rounds. .


  • Luke Cleary (DEF, $261,000)
  • Jake Soligo (MID, $255,000)
  • Jacob Wehr (DEF, $213,000)
  • Darcy Cameron (FWD, $649,000)
  • Joel Jeffrey (FWD, $242,000)


  • Nic Martin (FWD/MID, $623,000)
  • Matt Rowell (MID, $567,000)
  • Nathan O’Driscoll (DEF/MID, $464,000)
  • Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $611,000)
  • Josh Rachele (FWD/MID, $413,000)
Josh Rachele celebrates a goal during his side's round 10, 2022 match against St Kilda. Picture: AFL Photos


  • Darcy Cameron (FWD, $649,000) +$62,000
  • Greg Clark (MID, $370,000) +$57,000
  • Sam Berry (FWD, $569,000) +$48,000
  • Keidean Coleman (DEF/FWD, $506,000) +$46,000
  • Sean Lemmens (DEF, $484,000) +$45,000


  • Patrick Naish (MID/FWD, $498,000) -$56,000
  • Lachlan Sholl (MID, $483,000) -$53,000
  • Luke Dunstan (MID, $674,000) -$50,000
  • Mitch Robinson (MID, $555,000) -$48,000
  • Gryan Miers (FWD, $455,000) -$48,000
Luke Dunstan evades Jason Horne-Francis during round 10, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


  • Joel Jeffrey (FWD, $242,000) - 11
  • Jake Soligo(MID, $255,000) - 10
  • Luke Cleary (DEF, $261,000) - 9
  • Cooper Stephens (MID, $253,000) - 8
  • Greg Clark (MID, $370,000) 1


  • Christian Salem (DEF, $717,000) 162
  • Aaron Hall (DEF, $818,000) 157
  • Max Gawn (RUC, $870,000) 152
  • Kyle Langford (MID, $667,000) 152
  • Zac Williams (DEF, $609,000) 149
Melbourne's Max Gawn in action against North Melbourne in round 10, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


Marcus Bontempelli
MID, $812,000
The Dogs skipper is ripe for the picking and the cherry on top is he is well and truly in the mix to add forward status to his name. He has been on fire the last two weeks with scores of 119 and 116 while kicking four goals in that time. He now has a goal in every game he has played this year and remains a bargain with a break even of 93. He has only dropped under 96 on two occasions this season and is set for a huge second half of the year.

Tom Mitchell
MID, $795,000
The bargain premium of the round is none other than the Pig, Tom Mitchell who was back after missing a week, but more importantly, back in the middle of the ground where he does the most damage. He was everywhere against the Lions, recording his best game of the year with 36 possessions, five marks, seven tackles and a goal for 120. He is currently available for $174k cheaper than his original price.

Caleb Serong
MID, $762,000
Speaking of bargains, the Docker hard nut is right there for the picking. The flag is that Nat Fyfe is nearing a return but I wouldn’t worry about that because he is dominating. In the last three weeks he has scores of 112, 126 and 113 which included hauls of nine, 14 and nine tackles respectively. He has a break even of just 59.

Also consider: Luke Cleary, Jake Soligo, Jacob Wehr.


Caleb Serong takes a mark during round 10, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


Alex Witherden
DEF, $813,000
On paper Witho looked like one of the safest options to replace the injured Lachie Whitfield given he hadn’t dropped under 91 all season and had reached triple figures on four occasions, topped by 117. Unfortunately he managed just 18 possessions and no tackles for his 68, thankfully he took a trademark eight marks. He is back at Optus stadium this week and will return to his high scoring ways.

Angus Brayshaw
DEF/MID, $772,000
The 26 year old midfielder turned defender had a dream match up against the Roos but barely got his hands on it for the first three quarters. Thankfully he saved himself to some extent, eventually collecting 18 possessions and taking five marks for 67 which is his lowest for the year. Give him a chance to bounce back but if all else fails, hold him until his round 14 bye and then move him on.

Paddy McCartin
FWD/DEF, $423,000
Within the last three weeks, the Swans big intercepting defender has breathed life into his cash generating with impressive scores of 86, 55 and 73.  He now has a break even of just 27 and looks more than capable of filling a hole for the round 12 bye before moving him on prior to round 13.

Also consider: Patrick Cripps, Jason Horne-Francis, Corey Durdin.

Paddy McCartin in action during round 10, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos


Connor Rozee
FWD, $639,000
The role is there but the scoring punch just doesn’t seem to be there for the highly touted 22 year old. After moving into the midfield in round five and six for scores of 113 and 119 respectively, he hasn’t come close to reaching those heights again. He now has a break even of 91 which looks a stretch given his recent form. The one hope for holding is that he plays the Bombers at Adelaide Oval which looms as a nice farewell game.

Patrick Dangerfield
MID, $619,000
After flagging it as an option last week, the Cat’s star has forced his coaches hand this week following a disappointing performance against the Power, gathering 18 possessions, taking one mark and laying two tackles for 45 from 63 per cent game time before succumbing to a calf complaint. He will have a break even of 110 upon his return, a score he has failed to reach this season.  A potential bargain later in the year.

Jake Bowey
DEF, $519,000
Despite having a handy bye, he now needs to be traded prior to that given his form and the money loss. He now has scores of 52, 55 and 41 and carries a break even of 95 leading into his game against the Dockers. He dropped $18k this week and he needs to be moved on before that hard earned value drops further.

Also consider: Nic Martin, Matt Rowell, Nick Daicos

Mitch, you wear your heart on your sleeve as a player and sometimes you select your players based on heart and not head as a coach. As you mature as a coach you will become more ruthless and your team will improve as a result. That and you need to put in a few more hours listening to the Traders Podcast haha. Hang in there legend.

He certainly is an option! Even though he only had about 50 per cent CBA, he was still around the ball a lot more than he has been throughout the season. The fear is Sam Mitchell can be a bit unpredictable but with the round 14 bye, at this price, it’s a tick from me.

Fortunately I have a DPP link at the moment, so I fully intend to trade Martin to Bont this week and throw him in my forward line next week. Let’s just say Bont will be a must have as a forward and the sooner you can get him, the better.

I like both to be honest and Cooper’s job security has certainly been aided by Danger’s misfortune. Having said that, it’s Soligo by a nice with both presenting as great options.

He would have to be a miracle worker to make that happen! So yeah, I’d back them for a top four finish. Many don’t know this, but Hugh Greenwood has a basketball background and I think Roth could work with that. 

Not a bad play as a stepping stone if it helps bye structure. I certainly like his role and output.

Look, Sic Dawg is the real deal and it adds value in this scenario given he is a defender. There is certainly nothing wrong with your alternative, we all need Andrew by the end of the season. But… Can I tempt you with his brother…

If you are chasing a keeper, it would be the Pig but there is nothing wrong with Serong as a play at that price.

He is in the box seat to get DPP and automatically becomes a must have as soon as that happens. So yes, welcome! Jump in the Baz train! Especially given the match up.

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