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WHAT is behind the rise of the Pies?

Collingwood recruiting manager Derek Hine joins the Road to the Draft podcast this week to discuss the club's list build and array of draft selections in recent years who have been crucial to the club's surprise premiership contention.

CAL TWOMEY'S PHANTOM FORM GUIDE Top draft prospects' July ranking

From Nick Daicos to Ash Johnson, Jack Ginnivan to Beau McCreery, Hine chats with host Cal Twomey about the stories behind the draft picks.

Plus, Hine gives his take on this year's draft class, the prospects who are shaping as first-round contenders, Collingwood's list needs and how to make draft night even bigger. 

This week's episode guide…

0:40 – How did Hine and the list management team predict this season to fare for the Magpies?

4:30 – Hine gives his view on the "evolving" 2022 draft class and how deep the pool is.

8:45 – What has Collingwood got planned with its hand of draft selections?

11:50 – An insight into the extraordinary debut season from Nick Daicos and how the Rising Star favourite has excelled inside the club.

15:00 – The latest on the development of the Pies' 2020 draft group, including Jack Ginnivan and Beau McCreery.

21:00 – Hine recalls when he identified mid-season pick-up Ash Johnson as a future Pie.

22:10 – Will the Pies have any Next Generation Academy talents in the draft this year? 

25:15 – Hine's take on trading mid-season draft picks and how draft night should be staged.