Cam Rayner and coach Chris Fagan after Brisbane's loss to Melbourne in round 23, 2022. Picture: Getty

Brisbane will attempt to free Cam Rayner for its elimination final against Richmond when it challenges his one-match suspension at the tribunal.

The Lions confirmed on Monday they would fight the careless conduct charge that stemmed from his tackle on Melbourne's Ben Brown, however the club will accept defender Noah Answerth's suspension for his body blow to Alex Neal-Bullen.

Cam Rayner and Noah Answerth were both handed one-match bans following the loss to Melbourne on Friday night, which saw the Lions drop out of the top four.

Earlier on Monday, Danny Daly, Brisbane's GM of Football, said the club was a strong chance of challenging at least one of the decisions at the Tribunal.

"We've been working with our advocate over the weekend on both cases to see if we've got any room to challenge," Daly told RadioTab.

"(We) hope to challenge both ... probably Rayner's about 70-30 (chance of) challenging and Noah's 60-40. It just depends what avenue we can go down to challenge them on.

"You don't want to challenge when you feel you've got no chance and it'll cost the club money and it's not worth it."


Daly said Brisbane's VFL victory over the previously undefeated Casey Demons, in which Deven Robertson and Mitch Robinson starred, at least gave the AFL side options if Rayner and Answerth aren't available to face the Tigers.

Daly added skipper Dayne Zorko will not face any further sanction from the club following his "inappropriate" sledge of Melbourne's Harrison Petty at the Gabba, which reduced the Demons youngster to tears.

The Lions and Zorko moved fast to apologise after the incident and the AFL are not set to pursue the matter further.

'NEED TO BE BETTER' Zorko apologises for Petty sledge

Daly was among those to counsel Zorko in the aftermath and said there would be no intervention from above.

"'Zorks' has done a great job for this club over the last four years, leading us out of the wilderness," he said.


"Not ideal what unfolded on Friday night, he's quite sorry for it and still emotional about it all.

"We haven't discussed it (captaincy) ... that's more a thing for next year when our leadership vote happens, as it normally does every year."