Supplier Onboarding Process

The AFL engage in a competitive sourcing process across all levels of purchasing. The AFL currently partner with a diverse range of suppliers both at the elite and community level, as well as locally and on a national scale. Our supply chain consists of licensing, IT & communications, match day operations, travel and accommodation, events and catering, signage and facilities management.

The method in which the AFL engage with new suppliers varies dependent on a number of factors, inclusive of total dollar amount and length of agreement. These methods include:

  1. A formalised RFP or tender process
  2. An AFL Purchase Order with agreed AFL Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  3. Credit Card payment

Formalised RFP or Tender Process
The AFL will invite select suppliers to submit a formalised RPF or tender for work in certain instances. The AFL have partnered with WorkDay Strategic Sourcing as a platform to streamline the tendering process and you will communicate with the AFL Procurement team via WorkDay.

An AFL Purchase Order with agreed AFL Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
The AFL will raise a Purchase Requisition for the purchase of goods or services. The Purchase Requisition will be internally approved by the AFL and a Purchase Order will be created. A Purchase Order will be sent to you, the supplier, for you to raise an invoice (noting the Purchase Order number provided by the AFL on the invoice). This Purchase Order will have the AFL’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions attached to be signed and acknowledged by you prior to releasing funds. The AFL will not pay an invoice without a purchase order number referral. Please note, the AFL’s payment terms are strictly 30 days for local suppliers and 60 days for international suppliers.

Credit Card Payment
For low-value expenditures, the AFL have the discretion to pay for goods and services via a Corporate Credit Card, however this is dependent on the type of good or service that we are requesting and the total value amount. Please let your AFL representative know if this is an appropriate payment channel for you, if requested. 

The Eftsure Process
A mandatory process of becoming a registered supplier of the AFL, is a verification process through our 3rd party verification platform, Eftsure.

To mitigate the risk of payment error, cybercrime, and scam attempts before releasing AFL funds, a three-way verification of all AFL suppliers is required.

Eftsure assesses the following supplier information:

  • Bank Account Name
  • BSB and Account Number
  • Australian Business Registrar Data

The Onboarding Process
What to expect 3 to 5 days after a request has been approved to onboard you as a new supplier?

  • You will be contacted by Eftsure to verify your bank account details, ABN and business contact details provided by you, to your AFL business partner.
  • Eftsure will send you through an Onboarding Email for you to fill out the above details.
  • A representative from Eftsure will then reach out to you over the phone to verify the details that you have entered. Please note that this is a compulsory requirement unless electing to validate via the bank link verification tool.
  • If you are able to respond verifying these details quickly, the process is expedited.
  • Third party data sources are cross-matched for accurate and up to date supplier information.

What to expect in the following 1 to 2 days?

  • Your verified supplier details are uploaded into the AFL Finance system and finance can proceed to payment.
  • While onboarded as an AFL supplier these checks are continuous and allow the AFL to receive real time alerts as tax statuses lapse or certificates expire. Read more about the Eftsure process.