When is it?

The draft will be held on Monday December 18 from 7pm AEST. 

How can I watch it?

It will be broadcast nationally on the AFL and AFLW websites and apps from 7:00pm AEDT on Monday, December 18.

How will clubs lodge their selections?

Clubs will all be at Marvel Stadium to submit their picks live. 

What picks does my team have?

Team's draft order can be found here

The 2023 AFLW Draft Combine has been held. What is it?

Some of the best young talent in the country is invited to state-based events around the country to undergo a series of athletic tests. In order to be invited to the Combine, players' junior clubs must nominate them for selection. Check out the results of the combine in our 2023 AFLW Draft Combine wrap up.

What are clubs looking for at the Combine?

Various tests such as a 2km time trial, 20m sprint and the vertical jump are conducted which allows clubs to compare the traits of various top prospects. While the results are unlikely to significantly change clubs' opinions of players, they may add to the whole picture of a player once at the draft. 

Who should my team draft?

This is an exciting draft pool, with prospects from across the country. Womens.afl has profiled some of the top prospects in our hub

What about father-daughter selections?

If a prospective draftee's father played at least one VFL/AFL game, they are able to join the same club through a nomination and bidding process. Past father-daughter selections have included Millie Brown, Abbie McKay and Amy Smith.