Jasmine Garner tackles Meghan McDonald during North Melbourne's elimination final against Geelong in S7, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

FOLLOWING an interesting round three, it is more important now than ever to solidify your premium Fantasy targets and remain patient with your rookies to ensure you have the best side for the back end of the season. 

In terms of premiums, Jasmine Garner continued her purple patch with a score of 154 - and with an ownership of only 24.89 per cent - she has left coaches with plenty of thinking to do.

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Laura Gardiner continues to rise and she hits her straps for her new side, amassing 41 disposals (22 kicks), laying nine tackles and gathering five clearances. With the drastic score changes of AFLW Fantasy, coaches who missed on her early may have to miss out, unless they want to break the bank and pay an extra $628,000.

Ebony Marinoff and Anne Hatchard were back to their formidable best as the Crows remained undefeated, accumulating 24 tackles between them to record scores of 124 and 133 respectively.

Anne Hatchard and Ebony Marinoff embrace after the final siren following the match between Adelaide and Essendon at Unley Oval in round three, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Keeley Skepper found enough of the footy to earn herself a Rising Star nomination, accompanying 101 Fantasy points, whilst those who traded in Mia King were rewarded as she assisted Garner in North Melbourne's triumph over Geelong - producing a score of 120.

If you're one of the six per cent of coaches who selected Alyce Parker, keep a look out for an update on her knee injury - with a score of 102 last week, I would hold on to her for now.

Maria Moloney was impressive on her return from suspension, shaking off an ankle injury to play a key role in Port Adelaide's comeback win against the Saints.


  • Laura Gardiner (FWD, $1.3M) + $276,000
  • Tyanna Smith (MID, $682,000) + $217,000
  • Kristy Stratton (FWD, $686,000) + $160,000
  • Georgia Nanscawen (MID, $691,000) + $154,000
  • Charlotte Mullins (MID, $486,000) + $153,000


  • Sarah Hosking (MID, $691,000) - $176,000
  • Alison Drennan (MID, $958,000) - $143,000
  • Montana Ham (MID, $744,000) - $137,000
  • Jess Hosking (FWD, $309,000) - $135,000
  • Amy McDonald (MID, $1.2M), - $126,000
Sarah Hosking is tackled by Katherine Smith during the match between Greater Western Sydney and Richmond at Blacktown International Sportspark in round three, 2023. Picture: Getty Images


  • Mia King (MID: $1.1M), ownership: 1.36 per cent, round score: 120
  • Maria Moloney (MID, $848,000), ownership: 0.39 per cent, round score: 77
  • Isabella Lewis (MID, $855,000) ownership: 0.76 per cent, round score: 81
  • Tyla Hanks (MID, $1M), ownership: 1.68 per cent, round score: 99
  • Abbey Dowrick (MID, $915,000), ownership: 1.94 per cent, round score: 91


I hope you targeted Laura Gardiner after last week's stocktake, because this week I've found a few more players whose price - like Gardiner's - should soon skyrocket. There's a few premium picks to consider too for good measure. 

Kiara Bowers (MID, $1.6M)

Bowers was priced high due to her strong season seven campaign, so even with an average of 120.5 points, she is leaking cash. With a price change of $153,000 so far, with most of that change occurring following a round three score of 104, now is the time to trade her in to make the most of her cheaper price. I'll revisit her next week, as holding this trade one more round may also be a favourable move.

Kiara Bowers in action during the match between Fremantle and Hawthorn at Fremantle Oval in round three, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Eilish Sheerin (DEF, $787,000)

With time on ground percentages of 90 per cent, 100 per cent and 97 per cent so far, Sheerin maximises her chance to score well. The All-Australian half back averages more kicks than handballs, making her a consistent Fantasy scorer. She mightn't have cracked the hundreds quite yet, but Sheerin is a great reliable option with a big upside in her second season. 

Abbey Dowrick (MID, $915,000)

Dowrick has dropped $38,000 so far, but with a score of 91 this week, it appears she will only benefit from the return of Moloney. She may not be a bargain price, but with many stars priced above $1M averaging similar scores to Dowrick, I would recommend finding room for her whilst her price remains reduced.

Lucy Single (FWD, $825,000)

If you've missed out on Gardiner and need a chance at redemption, you may have to opt for consistent scorers rather than high flyers. Owned by only 4.02 per cent of coaches, Single is averaging a solid 74.7 points in a role that often has hit or miss scoring potential. As a half forward, she contributes at stoppage and laid eight tackles over the weekend.

Lucy Single in action during the match between Collingwood and Gold Coast at Victoria Park in round three, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

Mia King (MID, $1.1M)

If you've been able to save up some cash, King could be worth a splurge despite her role alongside Garner and Ash Riddell. Fantasy wise, her averages of 10 tackles, 10 kicks and six clearances are hard to pass up. Season seven was her breakout year, but the 22-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down and plenty of signs of increasing your Fantasy output.


With price changes aplenty, you'll have to bid farewell to some of your starting picks to make way for season eight's stars.

Amy McDonald (MID, $1.2M)

After starting the year hot with a score of 127, McDonald has struggled to find the ball against strong midfield opposition. It’s a tough call considering the opposition she has faced, but time is of the essence in Fantasy and offloading her whilst she's still priced above $1M will free up space in your salary cap.

Monique Conti (MID, $1.1M)

A gun player, Conti has struggled to produce whopping Fantasy scores this season. Despite averaging 14.7 contested possessions and 14.3 kicks, her tackle numbers let her down as opposed to the likes of Bowers and Garner. Parting ways with the much-loved Conti may just grant you the cash to make a power move.

Caitlin Greiser and Monique Conti celebrate a goal during the match between Greater Western Sydney and Richmond at Blacktown International Sportspark in round three, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Jordyn Allen (DEF, $729,000)

I've been mulling this one over for a while, but in a year that has seen defenders struggle, Allen might be the next to go. She maintains a high kick-to-handball ratio that is perfect for Fantasy, but is not finding enough of the ball to maximise this. Consider Sheerin or Harriet Cordner to replace her without breaking the bank.

Natalie Grider (DEF, $631,000)

As the Lions continue to succeed, the supply for Grider off half back has been limited, leaving her with an average of only 14 disposals - eight being kicks - resulting in a 49.3 Fantasy average. With an ownership of 11.29 per cent, many coaches will seek to find her replacement. After dropping $177,000, though, this may involve a double downgrade to achieve a purposeful upgrade.

Lily Postlethwaite (FWD, $506,000)

WIth an ownership of 28.31 per cent, she is the fourth most selected forward so far, but with an average of just 46.7 points, it might be time to move her on. Starting at bottom price, she has earned coaches $206,000, but with her growth slowing, moving on her now could be your path to Gardiner, Bonnie Toogood or Nina Morrison.