NAB AFL Auskick

NAB AFL Auskick is simply the best introduction for kids into the world of Australian Football. Auskickers run, jump, kick, laugh, express themselves and create their own special moments that just happens to be footy. No matter if you know the game or not, Auskick is inclusive for everyone at any ability to play.

NAB AFL Auskick is the start of the AFL participation pathway, so it is strongly encouraged that clubs host their own NAB AFL Auskick centre or form a relationship with their local community centre.

Some girls may have more confidence when given the opportunity to participate in girls only groups, so where numbers permit centres are encouraged to offer all girls groups. However, in line with the AFL Junior Match Policy, girls can choose to move between male or female groups should they feel confident enough and have the necessary skills to do so. At the end of the day, NAB AFL Auskick is about development and as long as they are learning skills and having fun, that is all the matters!

NAB AFL Auskick is often a child’s first taste of footy, so you want to make sure it’s a great experience for them! The NAB AFL Auskick curriculum has been designed for exactly that with super fun game-based activities that kids absolutely love. Less intricate footy drills, more exciting games with a footy twist tailored for different skill levels. Click here to check out the activities.

Once a participant is old enough to move from Auskick to Junior Club football, you want to make sure you are creating an easy and welcoming transition for your new participants.

As a club, here are a couple of simple things you can do to ensure you are engaging with your Auskickers;

  • Share information with parents about what age groups you have on offer and how they can join a junior team
  • Arrange for senior players to attend the NAB AFL Auskick Centre – they can help with coaching, umpiring, or just simply having fun with the participants. Make sure they wear their club polos!
  • Host an end of Auskick season BBQ / family fun day where your Auskickers can be a part of the broader club
  • Invite your NAB AFL Auskickers to play at half time of one of your senior club matches

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