Sam Mitchell looks on during Hawthorn's clash against Adelaide in round 12, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

HAWTHORN coach Sam Mitchell has blasted a racist social media post, saying if it came from a Hawks fan then they are unwelcome at the club.

Mitchell opened his media conference after their win over Adelaide with unprompted comments about the post, directed at an unnamed Hawthorn player.

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The Hawks do not want to go into specifics, but have confirmed it happened on Saturday and the player who was targeted knows about the abuse.

"I love footy and I love our game, and I think the position we have as leaders of the community, we need to do the best job we possibly can around discrimination," Mitchell said.

"We have some stuff – I don't want to go into it – but I just want to put it out there that if you have any form of racism in you, as a Hawthorn person, we're not interested in having you as part of our club.

"So while we're all enjoying a fantastic win, and we should all be enjoying it, unfortunately some parts of our Hawthorn family can't enjoy it because of what heroes on their keyboards think they're capable of doing.


"Any one of those who ever wears brown and gold, we don't want you."

Mitchell added any AFL player puts an enormous amount into his game.

"For that to be called out because of how they look – honestly, grow up. It's absolutely ridiculous," he said.


Asked if he hesitated about giving publicity to the matter, Mitchell replied "100 per cent I do".

"I spoke to some people involved and said, 'Is this something you want me (to say)?', because I only want to help the people affected by it.

"When they are affected, all I can do is support them in any way I have the power to do.


"I get the power of a press conference – do you want me to support that, or does it make it worse? – and the comment was, 'We need to show as much support as we can'.

"I have people who should be celebrating – who are celebrating still – but there's a black dog following them around, if you like."