Connor Rozee is tackled by Jaspa Fletcher during the R15 match between Port Adelaide and Brisbane at Adelaide Oval on June 22, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

FINALLY! The bye rounds are over and we're back to regular programming. Nine games a round and for AFL Fantasy Classic, we've got two trades per week and 22 scorers.

The Traders grade their trades and how their teams went over the four weeks of byes. Did they move up? The stocktake is an important learning for future seasons.

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Calvin and Warnie must trade out Clayton Oliver this week. It has been dubbed the easiest trade of the year … Oliver to Connor Rozee. It costs just $15,000 to make that move. Last week it would've made money and gained an extra 89 points.

Lock and load.

Trading this week will be about trying to consolidate a best 22 with a look to having no rookies on field. But rookies will be important. With a non-existent back bench, Arie Schoenmaker and Logan Evans could be emergency defenders for the next few weeks.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie reveal their trades, your questions are answered and plenty of other tips are given ahead of round 16.

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In this episode ...

1:15 - Roy is now 115th overall.

5:00 - Scoring 136, Andrew Brayshaw gets some love.

7:10 - Luke Ryan hasn't exactly been the win the boys thought he would be.

9:20 - Calvin speaks on behalf of all Clayton Oliver owners.

14:00 - Bye round recap. Did The Traders move up?

17:50 - Oliver Dempsey gets five votes in the Michael Barlow Medal.

20:45 - There is a watch on Isaac Heeney this week according to Roy's sources.

23:30 - What tags are there to consider this week?

27:20 - The Cats are more deceptive than Roy with Sam De Koning rucking this week.

31:50 - Connor Rozee has to be the "biggest target this week".

34:15 - Do you pick Rozee or Tom Green?

40:00 - Can you consider Elliot Yeo (again)?

45:55 - Healthy benches are important. Which defender? Arie Schoenmaker or Logan Evans?

50:30 - Most traded players this week with The Traders' moves.

53:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

56:50 - Colby McKercher isn't a rookie.

59:00 - The boys are getting a little excited about Rory Laird.

1:04:05 - Trent Rivers got a big bump in CBAs for the Dees.

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