Errol Gulden in action during the match between Sydney and Geelong at the SCG in round 13, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

EVERYTHING is back to normal. With the bye rounds behind us, we return to all 18 teams playing, two trades per week and 22 players on our grounds.

Hopefully you have come out of the bye rounds stronger than you were four weeks ago, and as we enter round 16 there are two types of Fantasy coaches that now exist.

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The first are those doing luxury trades. These coaches have a 'completed' team with no weak links. These coaches are shuffling players to maximise their points each week whereas the second type of coach is prioritising trades in a quest to have that 'completed' team feeling.

These coaches need to identify their weakest links and have a solid plan moving forward. Whether you have a rookie on your field or a premium scoring like a rookie… they need to be sent packing before you put your feet up to have that 'completed' team feeling.


Trap or treat?

How will you use your two trades this week? Here are some traps to avoid and some treats worth considering.

Luke Ryan (DEF, $970,000) TRAP
It was a trap we didn't see coming. However, the Dockers have changed their gameplan and Ryan is no longer getting those easy +6s we all love. He has a breakeven of 161 and can be traded at this price. 

Jordan Dawson (MID, $918,000) TRAP
If you're a coach scared of your players being tagged… then you need know that over the next six weeks Dawson might attract attention from Toby Bedford, Jarrod Berry, Marcus Windhager, Conor Nash and Mark Blicavs.

Jordan Dawson celebrates a goal during Adelaide's clash against Sydney in round 14, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

Trent Rivers (DEF, $692,000) TREAT
Christian Petracca is out and Clayton Oliver is struggling… so last week Melbourne threw Rivers the keys to the midfield, he scored a season-high 110 and is an option for those coaches who are tight for cash.

Koltyn Tholstrup (FWD, $292,000) TREAT
Tholstrup looked great last week for his 72 and is the pick of the rookies. His job security appears to be strong and with a breakeven of seven, he will make plenty of money over the coming weeks.

Logan Evans (DEF, $237,000) TREAT
If you can't afford Tholstrup then Evans is next in line. He scored 75 on debut and has the dream match-up against St Kilda where defenders dominate. An 80-plus game isn't out of the question.

Logan Evans in action during Port Adelaide's clash against Brisbane in round 15, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

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Tag watch

The most obvious tags this week appear to be heading to Zach Merrett and Jordan Clark. Merrett plays Geelong and it will be either Mark Blicavs or Mark O'Connor who will get the job. O'Connor had the role last year and held Merrett to 80.

Clark received attention from James Jordon earlier this year when he was held to just 57. It's hard to see Sydney changing it up this week and if you are doing luxury trades and shuffling premiums, then Clark can be traded.

The other tag to monitor is the one from Windhager, who is the most dangerous tagger in the game. Zak Butters and Connor Rozee will both be sweating on who he goes to… on Sunday afternoon.

Marcus Windhager in action during St Kilda's clash against Brisbane in round 14, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

Most traded in

  • Connor Rozee (MID, $705,000)
  • Logan Evans (DEF, $237,000)
  • Arie Schoenmaker (DEF, $236,000)
  • Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $791,000)
  • Koltyn Tholstrup (FWD, $292,000)

You're 10 metres out and directly in front of goals… you can't miss. Same can be said with Connor Rozee (MID, $705,000) this week. Not only is he $251k cheaper than he started, but he is coming off a very nice 115 against Brisbane last week. Under-priced premiums don't come along like this every day. Get on!

No Essendon midfielder last week spent more time in the middle than Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $791,000). Role is everything for Caldwell and he is making the most of his opportunities, averaging 100 in his last five games.

Connor Rozee is tackled by Jaspa Fletcher during the R15 match between Port Adelaide and Brisbane at Adelaide Oval on June 22, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Most traded out

  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $690,000)
  • Christian Salem (DEF/MID, $712,000)
  • Jeremy Sharp (MID, $631,000)
  • Joel Freijah (MID/FWD, $410,00)
  • Tom Powell (MID/FWD, $607,000)

Clayton Oliver (MID, $690,000) has now averaged 66 in his last four games and is coming off a dirty 26 from last week. We have rookies putting up better numbers than the former premium and he needs to be at the top of the list to be traded this week.

Formerly known as 'Ka-Powell', it's time to go for Tom Powell (MID/FWD, $607,000). After averaging 99 in his first five games, things have certainly gone downhill for Powell who has now averaged 66 from round six onwards. He must be traded if he's one of your weakest links.

Tom Powell handballs during North Melbourne's clash against Essendon in round 10, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

Calvin's best captains

No.1 – Errol Gulden v Fremantle @ the SCG, SAT 1.45pm AEST

Gulden is averaging 144 in his last three games and returns to the SCG where he has averaged 116. He only scored 95 when he played the Dockers earlier this year but… this match-up isn't an issue. His form is hot, he is at the SCG. Tick, tick, tick… Boom!

No.2 – Max Gawn v Brisbane @ the Gabba, FRI 7.40pm AEST

Even though Gawn has been a little hit and miss at times, he is still averaging 120. We need to give Gawn another go. The last two times he has played against Oscar McInerney he has dominated with scores of 149 (round five) and 162 (last year). An easy VC option.

Max Gawn and Marc Pittonet compete during the round nine match between Carlton and Melbourne at the MCG, May 9. Picture: AFL Photos

No.3 – Dayne Zorko v Melbourne @ the Gabba, FRI 7.40pm AEST

This year at the Gabba, Zorko has averaged 132 from six games with a lowest score of 102 and a highest of 184. Earlier this year he scored 117 against Melbourne and should be great again.

No.4 – Sam Walsh v Richmond @ the MCG, SUN 3.20pm AEST

Richmond have given up the most 100-plus scores this year and it's now Walsh's turn to cash in like many midfielders have this season. The question is... how big can he go?

No.5 – Rowan Marshall v Port Adelaide @ Marvel Stadium, SUN 1.10pm AEST

Fresh off his bye, Marshall will be ready to fire. Expect him to put on a show against a second-tier ruck line-up on Sunday.

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