Marcus Bontempelli ahead of the Western Bulldogs' game against North Melbourne in R16, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

MARCUS Bontempelli is the best player in the AFL, Craig McRae is the top coach and opinion is divided on the best commentators and pundits in the game, according to footy fans.

Over the past two weeks, there has been more than 33,000 responses to's Footy Fan Survey, which asked a broad range of questions about the game, its rules and its future.

Western Bulldogs skipper Bontempelli was a clear winner as the best player in the League right now, winning 41 per cent of the vote to be well clear of Collingwood's Nick Daicos (21 per cent) and Sydney's Isaac Heeney (14 per cent), who were the only other players to get more than five per cent.

When asked which player 21 years and under would be the better player in five years, Daicos was a clear winner with 45 per cent of the vote ahead of West Coast young gun Harley Reid (26 per cent).

Premiership coaches McRae (31 per cent) and Sydney's John Longmire (21 per cent) were the clear favourites as the best coach, with Michael Voss (10) and Chris Scott (nine) also getting some support.

Craig McRae applauds Collingwood fans after his side's one-point win over North Melbourne in round 14, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

When it comes to television commentators, Fox Footy's Anthony Hudson was out in front with 23 per cent of the vote, while Channel 7 duo Brian Taylor (17) and James Brayshaw (15) rounded out the top three.

Opinion was split regarding the best expert commentator on TV, with Channel 7 pair Luke Hodge (15 per cent) and Matthew Richardson (13) at the top and Fox Footy's Jason Dunstall (12) and Nathan Buckley (10) the only other pundits to crack double figures.

A total of 33,189 people had their say in the 2024 Footy Fan Survey, which is now closed. Click back to on Wednesday as we reveal more results

Who is the best player in the AFL right now?

Marcus Bontempelli - 41 per cent
Nick Daicos - 21 per cent
Isaac Heeney - 14 per cent
Patrick Cripps - 5 per cent
Errol Gulden - 4 per cent
Chad Warner - 4 per cent
Charlie Curnow - 3 per cent
(nine players had 2 per cent and under)

Which of these players, who are all 21 years and under, will be the best player in five years?

Nick Daicos - 45 per cent
Harley Reid - 26 per cent
Sam Darcy - 9 per cent
Will Ashcroft -  6 per cent
Jason Horne-Francis - 4 per cent
Harry Sheezel - 3 per cent
George Wardlaw - 3 per cent
(three players had 2 per cent and under)

Who is the best coach in the AFL?

Craig McRae - 31 per cent
John Longmire - 21 per cent
Michael Voss - 10 per cent
Chris Scott - 9 per cent
Sam Mitchell - 7 per cent
Justin Longmuir - 6 per cent
Brad Scott - 4 per cent
(11 coaches had 3 per cent and under)

Who is your favourite play-by-play commentator on TV?

Anthony Hudson - 23 per cent
Brian Taylor - 17 per cent
James Brayshaw - 15 per cent
Dwayne Russell - 9 per cent
Matt Hill - 8 per cent
Luke Darcy - 6 per cent
Mark Howard - 5 per cent
Alister Nicholson - 4 per cent
(4 commentators had 3 per cent and under)

Who is your favourite expert commentator on TV?

Luke Hodge - 15 per cent
Matthew Richardson - 13 per cent
Jason Dunstall - 12 per cent
Nathan Buckley - 10 per cent
David King -  8 per cent
Dale Thomas - 7 per cent
Joel Selwood - 5 per cent
Jonathan Brown - 4 per cent
Dermott Brereton - 4 per cent
Eddie Betts - 4 per cent
Gerard Healy - 4 per cent
(7 commentators had 3 per cent and under)