ONE SPECTATOR knew before anyone else modern-day great Gary Ablett was going to thrill the crowd with a brilliant grab on Easter Monday. 

He might also have been the one person in a crowd of 66,347 at the MCG who had never attended a game before.

The moment Ablett rode the shoulders of Hawthorn defender David Mirra was captured by's award-winning photographer Michael Willson.

In the background, 27-year-old American Josh Hernandez rose before anyone else, anticipating what was about to transpire, as he told Willson.

Hernandez had his own say on Instagram.

Willson has a knack of being there in the right time and right place and was described by one news agency as a 'freak'.

His photograph of AFLW player Tayla Harris made headlines around the world when it was retweeted by Channel Seven and later taken down after online trolls took to it.