BRAD Scott has launched an extraordinary outburst against the umpires after Friday night's nine-point loss to Hawthorn, with the North Melbourne coach claiming the officials have admitted they won't pay high free kicks to Lindsay Thomas.

Thomas was the subject of several controversial moments in the fiery Etihad Stadium clash and Scott made the remarkable revelation that umpires told his players the small forward wouldn't be rewarded for high contact. 

"I know he is (unfairly treated), because the umpires told our players that, (saying) 'Well, he's a ducker, so we don't pay high free kicks to Lindsay'," Scott said post-match.

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"They told our guys that, so that's clearly a preconceived idea. 

"You just want the umpires to umpire what they see, not their preconceived ideas.

"That's for (umpires boss) Hayden Kennedy to deal with, not for me, I'm just telling you what happened because they won't tell you, that's for sure."

The AFL said on Saturday morning it would review all umpire audio from the game in the wake of Scott's remarkable claims, but the coach said he wouldn't be asking the umpires for a 'please explain'.

"No, Lindsay's just got to keep playing and the umpires have got to do their job. We can't influence them, they've just got to pay what they see," Scott said.

"You'll have some go for you, you'll have some go against you, our instruction to Lindsay is just to keep playing and let the umpires do their job."

Thomas appeared stiff not to receive several free kicks during the match and was also penalised for a bump, which appeared fair, on Josh Gibson in the second term, eventually also giving away a 50m penalty for abuse.

"I thought that one was an umpire reacting to an aggressive piece of play and he got it wrong," Scott said of the bump.

"We’re not going to sit here and cry and moan about mistakes, mistakes happen.

"Preconceived ideas and going into a game with a preconceived idea about a player, I don't think is right.

"But I'm sure Hayden will deal with that."

The North coach was bitterly disappointed after watching his side dominate long patches of the ferocious clash with the Hawks, only to waste some gilt-edged chances in front of goal.

The Roos booted 11.18 (84) to Hawthorn's 14.9 (93) and suffered their third defeat to a premiership rival in the past four games.

Paul Puopolo iced the game for the Hawks in the dying seconds after catching Jamie Macmillan holding the ball – a decision Scott agreed with.

"I had a look at the replay because there was enough time with the set shot, and that's holding the ball. I didn't think that was a poor decision, but that's just my opinion," Scott said.

Scott declared the Roos have now set a benchmark with their physicality, which seemingly rattled the Hawks early on Friday night.

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"I thought it was good. I think we need to take a step forward in that aggression and that physicality," Scott said.

"I thought the start to the game was really good. We've got to get better at the free kicks off the ball because, other than Rioli's goal in the first half, they got all their other goals from free kicks.

"We'd like to get a bit better there, but I think the aggression and the intent was terrific."

Scott wasn't concerned that Jack Ziebell might come under scrutiny for a late bump on Sam Mitchell, but the Roos' rising injury toll could catch up with them.

Luke McDonald hurt his hamstring chasing Rioli, however skipper Andrew Swallow (concussion), Ben Cunnington (corked quad) and Jarrad Waite (hip) could all come back for a critical clash in Adelaide against the Crows on Thursday night.