GOLD Coast defender Sean Lemmens has been stretchered off the ground in the second quarter of the Suns' clash with Collingwood on Saturday night at Etihad Stadium.

Lemmens and Jesse White collided as they both attempted to claim a bouncing ball, and White, who has an 11cm height advantage, collected the Suns defender high although content appeared accidental.

Lemmens lay on the ground motionless for several moments before he was taken from the field in a neck brace.

The Suns later tweeted a photo of Lemmens giving a thumbs-up sign from the changerooms indicating that he was feeling much better.

The lighly-built backman was lining up in the 49th game of his career.

Coach Rodney Eade said after the game that Lemmens had not done all he could to protect himself. 

"He just got a clip on the jaw which I would've thought was accidental. He actually contributed to it, I thought. It was just unlucky," Eade said after the 71-point loss. 

"It was one of those where he had his mouth open and knocked his jaw back and he's got a bit of a cut lip. 

"He's quite lucid at the moment, he's OK."