THE future of Western Bulldogs best and fairest Tom Liberatore is at flashpoint after another club sanction, stemming from a multi-day period of partying.

Liberatore, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury during the NAB Challenge, was due to head to Europe with non-Bulldogs friends.

However, the club intervened after he missed compulsory club appointments, a result of excessive socialising three weeks ago.

On Wednesday night, Channel Nine revealed the Bulldogs instead diverted him to Thailand, a country it feels can better accommodate his rehabilitation for the knee injury.

The club released a statement on Thursday, saying Liberatore's actions were unacceptable, but they will continue to provide the young gun with support.

"The Western Bulldogs have recently dealt with some behaviour by Tom Liberatore which has been unacceptable to the club," president Peter Gordon said in a statement.

"While the club accepts that Tom has had some difficult issues to deal with in 2015, the recent behaviour failed to meet our standards and expectations of him.

"In consultation with Tom and his advisers, the club has had a detailed plan in place for Tom's education and rehabilitation in 2015, as well as his participation in supporting his teammates and the team.

"That plan has now been modified to reflect his recent behaviour. 

"The club has and will continue to provide Tom with all relevant support. We have also, and will continue to, make our expectations very clear to him.

"In our view, the provision of further detail about these circumstances would not be in Tom's best interests for recovery and rehabilitation."

It isn’t the first time Liberatore has found trouble for off-field indiscretions.

In 2012, he was given an AFL strike and a four-match club imposed ban after being found in possession of an illicit substance.

The 23-year-old was this year added to the leadership group and in May signed a contract extension, tying him to the club to the end of 2018.

Liberatore was the League’s No.1 tackler and clearance player last season.

When Liberatore signed his contract extension, Bulldogs list manager Jason McCartney praised the midfielder's work ethic and competitiveness.

"Tom is an incredibly talented young player, and is such a crucial part of our midfield and team in general," McCartney said.

"What we're most encouraged by however, is that we believe Tom ... can take his game to new heights with his work-ethic, ultra-competitive nature and general ability."

Liberatore has played 77 matches for the club his father, Tony, represented on 283 occasions.