WESTERN Bulldogs skipper Robert Murphy will play on in 2016 after agreeing to extend his contract with the club for one year. 

The 32-year-old, who has been in scintillating form under new coach Luke Beveridge, told AFL.com.au his zest for the game remained as strong as it had ever been.

The deadpan Murphy likened his decision to renewing his marriage vows.

"The Bulldogs and I are seemingly still in love, so we'll go around again," he said.

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With the Bulldogs making an exciting start to 2015 and his body in good shape, Murphy said he honestly gave little thought to whether he should continue beyond this season. 

He knows the nagging worries as to whether he can keep performing will only grow as he gets older but his ambitions for the next 18 months are team-oriented. 

"I guess the expectation of myself is to keep lifting the horizons or the ambitions of the group," Murphy said. 

"It is a pretty ambitious group and to nurture that I guess and there are 101 ways you can do that." 

One of those ways is to keep playing well. 

The other is to 'get with the program' the club's talented youngsters are developing.  

"'Let it rip' is kind of the motto at the moment," Murphy said.

Adopting such a motto is not just a fashion statement from Murphy.

He has always embraced risk as a player. 

He plays on without appearing to look and makes decisions on the run with his movement having a butterfly effect on the game.

His off-field approach is gradually aligning with that on-field style too. 

While not yet exactly playing every game as though it's his last, he is playing football like he's a tourist on the last days of a memorable holiday. 

The win against the Sydney Swans was a taste of how good football can be; the following week's loss to St Kilda a reminder of how much it can hurt too. 

Although Murphy has seen a lot, he has not lost the will to see more. 

"I'm a pretty optimistic bloke," Murphy said. 

"I know I am an old footballer but I don't feel like that at the moment, so long may it continue.

"That is encouraging so I am keen to see where the group wants to take it and thrilled by the chance to lead them."