THE MATCH Review Panel has ordered Eagle Chris Masten straight to the AFL Tribunal after Fremantle midfielder Nick Suban accused him of biting.

Masten allegedly bit Suban late in the third quarter
 of Sunday's Western Derby, prompting an incident referral.  

The incident was not reported by the match-day umpires.

Following a wrestle between the two, Suban motions to his arm after the incident and tells the umpire Masten bit him, with audio caught on the umpire’s microphone. 

Meanwhile, Fremantle defender Alex Silvagni could be handed the harshest penalty dealt by the AFL Tribunal this year.

After a derby full of ill feeling, Silvagni has also been sent to the Tribunal after he appeared to elbow Eagle Jamie Cripps in the head during the second quarter of Sunday's clash at Domain Stadium.

Cripps has suffered a fractured jaw, meaning the impact of Silvagni's hit will be graded at least as high and the contact as high. He has been charged with striking and cannot enter an early plea.

Silvagni doesn't have a bad record, but he was suspended for one match in 2012 for head-butting in his only Tribunal appearance.

Under the new MRP guidelines, indiscretions that draw a base penalty of four weeks or more are referred directly to the Tribunal.

For Silvagni to escape with a three-match ban, the MRP would either need to grade his conduct as careless or the impact as medium.