WATCHING the Toyota AFL Grand Final abroad has never been easier.

Whether you want to watch on television or online through desktop, mobile or tablet, Saturday's decider will go out to viewers in 250 countries.

And if you can't get access through those devices, pubs, clubs and hotels around the world are setting up 'party' sites to show the match.

Click here to search a venue or submit your own on the Grand Final Party Finder.

But for those wanting their own live stream, you can do so via the WatchAFL service.

This service has been going to 130 countries on a weekly basis and has got great traction through the USA, UK, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany.

Go to WatchAFL, subscribe, and join a mix of ex-pats, travellers and converts in streaming the game live.

AFL's reach has never been bigger, with international broadcasters also flocking to show the big one almost regardless of where you are.

Whether you're in the Asia Pacific (Australia Plus), the UK (BT Sport), Europe (Eurosport), USA (Fox Soccer), Canada (TSN), South America (Viva Sports), the Middle East (Orbit Showtime Network) or New Zealand (Sky NZ), the Grand Final will be shown live.

Click here for full service coverage or view the international broadcast guide.

One keen observer from abroad will be holidaying Port Adelaide skipper Travis Boak, who will watch from Bali.

"I’d obviously much rather be suiting up with the boys at the 'G on Saturday but this isn’t a terrible alternative," Boak said.

"Watching a couple of very good footy teams going head-to-head with a big group of footy fans in one of my favourite holiday spots will be a great experience." 

Grand Final Start Times
United Kingdom: 5.30am, Saturday
Europe: 6.30am, Saturday (western); 7.30am, Saturday (eastern)
USA: 9.30pm, Friday (west coast); 12.30am, Saturday (east coast)
Dubai: 8.30am, Saturday
New Zealand: 4.30pm, Saturday
Thailand: 11.30am, Saturday
Japan: 1.30pm, Saturday
Bali: 12.30pm, Saturday