GOLD Coast will begin questioning its players today as the club searches for answers into alleged illicit drug use at the end of last season.

Suns CEO Andrew Travis said the club would issue letters to both Karmichael Hunt's lawyer and News Corp seeking statements that were attributed to Hunt on Sunday.

The statements implicate up to eight Suns players in the use of cocaine on Mad Monday and a players' golf trip on the Sunshine Coast the following week.

Travis said on Monday morning that the club would begin interviewing players about the accusations. 

"That's one thing we're trying to establish: which, if any, players are involved," Travis said. 

"We have asked previously for anyone who had any information to come forward, and to date nobody has, and we'll be re-asking that question over the course of the next few days."

The process will likely take a number of days, as Gold Coast players have a light recovery day on Monday.

Some players will not be spoken to until Tuesday or later. 

Travis did not want to speculate on any possible sanctions, and denied there was a drug culture at the club.

"What we're looking at is an end-of-season matter," he said. 

"It's a period the whole industry has determined is extremely high risk. That's what the information appears to cover only."

Meanwhile, Travis said the AFL's illicit drugs policy needed "refreshment" in light of Hunt's explosive claims.

Asked if the AFL's three strikes drugs policy needed to be addressed, Travis said: "The policy has been in existence for a while now and it's probably due for some sort of refreshment."