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All I want for Christmas: Eagle's Twitter wish after losing two front teeth

Yeo loses teeth in heavy bump Elliot Yeo drops a mark, cops a hard hit from Jarrod Witts and loses two teeth
WEST Coast's Elliot Yeo is likely to be available for selection in round 11 after he has his two front teeth capped this week.
The Eagles midfielder provided a compelling argument for mouthguards after his teeth were broken in a collision with Collingwood ruckman Jarrod Witts during the Pies' gripping eight-point win at the MCG on Saturday.
Yeo dropped a simple mark inside West Coast's forward 50m on the stroke of half-time and copped a double-blow from Witts' a split-second later.
Trainers searched for Yeo's teeth during the half-time break, but luckily the roots remained in his mouth and can be capped.
To his credit, Yeo soldiered on after half-time and earned coach Adam Simpson's respect.
"It was a big knock…he should have taken the mark. He kept on going, I don't know if he was in a hell of a lot of pain or not, but he didn't seem to take a backward step after it," Simpson said.
Yeo finished the match with 19 disposals and a goal in the Eagles' tough loss.

"We've been impressed with Elliot's role in the last few weeks," Simpson said.
"We've explored him through the midfield and we feel like it's added some flexibility and some size in there.
"And he's only going to grow from that, he's been doing it for two weeks."

After the match, a good-spirited Yeo tweeted: "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…"
Teeth fly as Elliot Yeo clashes with Collingwood ruckman Jarrod Witts. Picture: Greg Ford, AFL Media 

Yeo checks for damage after colliding with Witts. Picture: Greg Ford, AFL Media
Yeo shows the umpire the damage in the aftermath of his heavy collision. Picture: Greg Ford, AFL Media

West Coast's players and trainers search for Yeo's teeth at half-time. Picture: Greg Ford, AFL Media