WEST Coast insist it will not be distracted from its quest to win a first AFL flag in nine years by claims from former player Daniel Chick that there was a toxic culture of illicit drug use within the Eagles' 2006 AFL flag-winning team.

Chick told the Herald Sun that he and former teammates Daniel Kerr and Ben Cousins took massive doses of asthma drug prednisone in a pattern experts describe as bizarre and inappropriate.

The Eagles said they were "extremely disappointed by the content, timing and publication of some unsubstantiated claims".

"The club and its medical staff are deeply offended by these allegations and will discuss internally an appropriate course of action," West Coast said in a statement.

"When the club faced some challenges with its playing group a decade ago, it took steps to address those issues.

"It voluntarily undertook its own investigation, the AFL also initiated an independent investigation (by Victorian Supreme Court Judge Bill Gillard) and neither revealed the issues and allegations raised by Daniel in this story, all of which are strongly refuted.

"The club is now recognised as a leader in the area of player welfare and integrity in the country.

"Our current playing group and coaching staff will not be distracted as they embark on the challenge of winning the club's fourth premiership at the MCG on Saturday."