PAPUA New Guinea and Canada Northern Lights have stormed to the top of the Internal Cup rankings after posting memorable grand final victories over Ireland on Saturday.

New Zealand moves into third on the Men’s standings after a nail-biting win over South Africa in the 3v4 play-off, while at the other end of the table India has finished in 18th position after failing to win a match at the 2014 International Cup,


1. Papua New Guinea

2. Ireland

3. New Zealnd 

4. South Africa

5. Canada

6. Tonga

7. Nauru

8. USA

9. Great Britain

10. Fiji

11. France

12. Pakistan

13. Sweden

14. Japan

15. Finland

16. Indonesia

17. China

18. India


1. Canada Northern lights

2. Ireland

3. USA Freedom

4. Canada Midnight Suns

5. Fiji

6. Tonga

7. USA Liberty