A TRIBUTE to Tom Hafey placed directly above a dig at the Brisbane Lions on North Melbourne’s banner was an error of judgment that was not authorised by the Roos, a club spokesman says.

Fans reacted strongly on social media to the banner which pointed to two recent events – the passing of Richmond legend Hafey on Monday and the Brisbane Lions wearing the Bears' former guernsey last weekend.
"RIP Tom Hafey," the top line read, followed by: "One week Lions, nek minnit Bears, as long as North wins, no one really cares."
The banner drew a mixed response on the North Melbourne cheer squad's Facebook page, with some people calling it "tasteless", "disgusting" and "disrespectful".

A Facebook post on Wednesday purporting to be from the cheer squad said the wording on the banner was at the Roos’ request. However, the cheer squad confirmed the Hafey tribute line had been a last-minute addition. 
North Melbourne's spokesman said the Roos decided to wear black armbands during Saturday's game to honour Hafey, and as a mark of respect for Luke McDonald's grandfather, who passed away on Saturday morning.
North Melbourne's spokesman said the club hopes to speak with the cheer squad about its banner policy.