WESTERN Bulldogs champion Daniel Cross admits he was 'heartbroken' by the club's decision to delist him. 
The Bulldogs have opted against offering Cross, Nick Lower, Lukas Markovic and Patrick Veszpremi a spot on the list for next year.
Cross took to the stage to say an emotional farewell to the Bulldogs faithful at the Charles Sutton Medal count on Wednesday night.
"It is a bit of mixed emotions," Cross said on Wednesday.
"It's funny, everyone talking about the future next year and so forth, and I won't be here. This place will always be my home.
"For the decision that was made last week, although I was left heartbroken, I said this to the guys, I absolutely the respect the decision that was made and the direction the footy club is going. I will continue to support this club wherever I end up, and this place will always be my home.
"All I've tried to do in my career since I've been here is play so hard for the red, white and blue and I'm going to miss it. Yesterday I was hanging out my son's jumper and saw it with the number four and 'daddy' on the back and I broke down in tears because I won't see him wearing it anymore. 

"I'll love this club forever."

Emotions ran high as club captain Matthew Boyd took the chance to pay tribute to his great friend, after which the pair received a two-minute standing ovation.